Stop the Religious Fashion Show

Unfortunately when I was growing up... This used to be me. I was everything to everybody but not truly living my life for the Lord. I was a hypocrite who was playing church...I had a good game going on until I finally walked away from the Lord all together and made a huge mess out of my life. But thankfully...God is faithful and gracious and called me back unto Himself and told me to "go and sin no more"...He knew I would still mess up and not always make right decisions but He in His graciousness was telling me to stop choosing to sin, stop the perpetual lifestyle that involved continual sin...the sleeping around and drunkenness. If you ever wonder if there is a assured that there truly is because there is NO way that I could have changed my own self these last 14 is a life changed by the grace, love and mercy of my God! He is so good!

My No Sugar Hot Chocolate

I keep getting requests to put my “no-sugar” hot chocolate on my blog so people can “Pin” it on Pinterest. About a month and a half ago, I found out I was Insulin Resistant…this began a search to find things to eat that didn’t contain sugar. I am a CHOCOLATE fanatic…I couldn’t imagine the rest of my life without chocolate so with much trial, error and tweeking…I bring you my “No sugar” Hot Chocolate…just in time for the cooler months.   10oz boiling water 1tbs coconut oil 1 scoop protein powder (I use Sweet Cream Visalaus Shape) 1tbs unsweetened cocoa dash of salt 1/2 tsp honey (or truvia/stevia to taste) 1/2 tsp cardamom (optional)   I assemble all but the first 2 into my Magic Bullet or Vitamix then I boil my water in my hot-shot and drain it out over my coconut oil. I pour it over the other assembled ingredients and blend it all together. YUM

A Mission Trip to Costa Rica

What a whirl-wind of a year this has been so very dear friend Noma passed away in January. My dad passed away in April, my husband had a major surgery in May, my cousin committed suicide in June and we just got home from a mission trip to Costa Rica, Central America. WOW - what a crazy start to our year! I haven't blogged in FOREVER...mainly because I was so busy with taking care of my dad before he died. My son is scheduled to get married in August so that will keep me busy for the remainder of the summer I bet. :) We were blessed to have many supporters send us to Costa Rica. God knew what He was doing by putting us on that trip...He revealed several things to us that, with His help, we will work on. It was a great mix of fun and ministry opportunities. The ministry we went to help was completing a house for a pastor whose current house is not built very well and gets bats in it...yikes! We fed the homeless with 45lbs of rice and 115 hot dogs...nothing was left

Some Pinterest

So I was on Pinterest when it very first rolled out on the WWW...I couldn't for the life of me figure out what all the fuss would be about it so I chucked it aside and didn't really give it another thought...until recently that is. My son's girlfriend was over one night and we were chatting and she was talking "all things Pinterest" ...I told her that I just "didn't" get it...what's the deal/big deal with it!?! She logged in and took me into her account and I got to "See" for myself what the fuss was about...that night I made an account and pinned over a couple hundred was fun! So if you're like me and trying to figure out...what's the deal with Pinterest let me try to explain it a bit and then tell you some Pinterest things that I'm happy I've found. Here's the basis behind it in my own opinion: You start a pinterest account and during that process the system automatically has you choose picture

A Whole Lot of

I don't really feel like I have much to say these days. I mean of course I'm talking and things are all good here but it seems I've not had much in the sense of blog posts for bloggyland. :) We're gearing up for another year of school and I'm trying to get more organized than I have been in years past. We're thanking God for some things that only HE can orchestrate that have taken place in our lives and in our family over the last few months. Going the end of this month our Spanish/English translator from our mission trip in Colombia, South America will be here to stay 10 or so days with us before she gets married to our dear friend Zach. They have asked me to be their matron of honor and I'm super excited!!! (not because I'm their matron of, but because they are both adorable, have an awesome love for the Lord and have committed to not even kiss until their wedding day...SOOO cool!!!) That's about it for now. I'l

In Honor of Independence Day

I'm putting up the flag!!!

This Evil World - or Is it???

It doesn't take but a few minutes of watching the news to quickly realize that America is heading into some tough times. There seems to be alot of evil going on. I rejoice in the fact that we are not "of this world"...we're living for the King of Kings and awaiting His return. I went to the book of Habakkuk today and found comfort in knowing that God is still in control of the world despite the apparent triumph of evil. Habakkuk saw a dying world back there in 612 BC...a world that troubled him at that time and though I like to think in my mind that it has be worse now than it was then...maybe it wasn't? I mean they had whoremongering and homosexuality going on back then too...isn't that crazy to think about? Remember Sodom & Gomorrah? It may "seem" as though the wicked triumph but eventually they will be judged, and righteousness will prevail. Judgment may not come quickly, but it WILL come. God is the creator of this world and He is at work in