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We're BACK!!! Mission Trip to Mexico

WOW - What a week!!! Our God is SO Good!!! We had GREAT weather all week too!!! At the last minute, H and I were invited to go FREE of charge, except our evening meals and God even provided those for us...H and I got to go on this trip with our family for FREE!!! I was Gods plan! We had wanted to go all along but couldn't afford for all of us to go...I had said since July that if God wanted us there...he'd provide a way for us to be there...God is SO good!!! We started out the week leaving the day after Christmas on a tour bus for a 22 hour ride to Brownsville, Tx. We DID eventually arrive! Thank you Lord!!! We were looking so forward to being able to see our Mexican friends again...H was excited to see Esli again and as you see...their friendship has continued! We did a prayer walk after we arrived on Wednesday the 27th heading over to the clinic that we helped to build when we were there in was GREAT to see the progress that had been made on it…