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My baby starts college

Well - my Michael started college today...I texted him this morning and told him to have a great day and told him that I loved him...he is the sweetest thing sometimes...he texted me back and told me that he loved me too...awe!!! He came here after his classes and said he thought college was pretty stupid...he said you shouldn't have to pay so much money just to read a few books. It's like my old son was back today...pretty amazing as much as he was talking to me and - thank you Lord!!!

My Baby Graduates!!!


My Momma's with Jesus

On May 27, 2008 my mom Caroline S. Hudson went home to be with Jesus. It was a tough week since Liz & I went to Cancer Treatment Center of America (May 21) to bring her home on May 22. We boarded an ambulance that took us to the airport, where we boarded an AIR Ambulance and then boarded another ambulance when we got here to Cahokia. It was a LONG 3 hours and very painful and tough on mom. She lasted 5 days at home and died at 1:20am Tuesday May 27. She is survived by my dad, James Lee Hudson, SR., daughter Elizabeth Ann Lancaster, son James Lee Hudson, Jr. and myself Kimberly Sue Ritter grandchildren Michael Daniel Hutchings, Adam Roger Lancaster, Dustin James Hudson, Sarah Faye Lancaster & Heather Elizabeth Ritter. We miss her very much but rejoice in the fact that she's in heaven and we will see her again some day.

Heather donates 10" to Locks of Love

I'm so proud of my daughter...she gave 10" of hair to Locks of Love for the second time in her little life. The first time she gave was when she was 4 years old and now again when she's 8. WOW - Way to go Heather!

Heather gets her Yellow Tip

Heather tested on April 14 and got her yellow tip in Tae Kwon Do...Way to go Heather...keep that up and you'll be a 2n'd degree black belt like daddy in NO time!
(Of course we need to still get her uniform! :-)

Little Lulu

We got a puppy...She's ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! We got her on April 7 from my aunt in California who came to live here to help take care of my mom during her time of need. Lulu is a Jatzu - Japenese Chin & Shit Zu...we're loving her SOOOO much and she's a SMART dog...will be glad when she doesn't jump on us and whine when we leave the room...she's getting better everyday so I'm believing that will pass least I'm PRAYING that it will!!!