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Stop the Religious Fashion Show

Unfortunately when I was growing up... This used to be me. I was everything to everybody but not truly living my life for the Lord. I was a hypocrite who was playing church...I had a good game going on until I finally walked away from the Lord all together and made a huge mess out of my life. But thankfully...God is faithful and gracious and called me back unto Himself and told me to "go and sin no more"...He knew I would still mess up and not always make right decisions but He in His graciousness was telling me to stop choosing to sin, stop the perpetual lifestyle that involved continual sin...the sleeping around and drunkenness. If you ever wonder if there is a assured that there truly is because there is NO way that I could have changed my own self these last 14 is a life changed by the grace, love and mercy of my God! He is so good!