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Where does the money go???

In 2009, I am COMMITTED (I hope :-) to trimming back on our spending and want to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!! It seems we get money, then something comes up and we spend money but we have yet through our marriage been able to SAVE money. With the economy and more upcoming economic falls...I am trying to make a "tight" budget even TIGHTER!!!

How about you? Do you have enough money saved that if a natural disaster (MAJOR EARTHQUAKE for those of us living in the midwest - prepare for what the Holy Spirit has been revealing to us in our church services:-) or job loss takes place you would be able to survive for 6 months without income? Not us, we don't...we'd have to cash in whats left of the skydiving 401ks...ouch - with a husband who just turned 61 - I pray the Lord comes back soon as his retirement isn't looking so good! I know I will need to get a job when he retires but a job for me to make the kind of money that I will need to make due to VERY LARGE PRIOR financial comm…

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Ok - I guess I'll give it a try.

My son did NOT hit a pedestrian last Monday...urgh! I am NOT praying the guy doesn't sue him!!! :-)

I did NOT spend the entire week making yet a 3rd blog just so I could "design" a page. :-) Scrapbooking enthusiasts eat your heart out!!! Not that I have much to say but it sure was fun!!! Click here and here to see my other sites...I don't know why I have's just fun to start all over! I do plan to write something on them eventually!

I did NOT spend almost an entire day last week surfing peoples blogs and getting hooked on this blog world!

I did NOT stay up almost ALL night Saturday night waiting for my 19 year old to get home from a homecoming dance that he took an old high school friend to.

It's NOT me who got a facebook account AGAIN this past…

Ever hit someone? A pedestrian that is???

Well - Unfortunately, my 19 year old son "accidentally" hit someone at work on Monday. He was leaving work and looked up, didn't see anyone and looked down to change his radio station...not a good idea. Another guy was walking to his vehicle and thought that my son saw him and thought he was messing around with him...urgh - nope, neither of them even knew what happened. The guys soda ended up on my sons windshield and my son looked in his rearview mirror to see the guy pulling himself up off the ground...oh man - how distraught my son has been. Thankfully the guy is going to be ok, he's got a cut about 1.5 inches long above his eyebrow and has some sore ribs but I'm so glad he's ok. The ever looming question of whether the guy is going to sue him or not is also weighing on my sons mind.

Thankfully the brush guard isn't on there anymore which could have been fatal but would you want to be hit by this??? Please if you read this, pray for my son Michael and…

A blog scrapbook design

FINALLY...a page I can be proud of - for all of you scrapbooking your heart out! I LOVE my new design over at - YIPPEE...Took me a week but I endured and it will pass for "good enough" for me!!! I don't really have anything to post on there but it sure was FUN making the page!!!

A bloggy design change

Well - I've been working on it for a while and have finally "tweaked" my blog to more resemble my liking vs. the standard brown/cream template that I used to have. Woo Hoo!!! Love to all!

My Prince Charming

I rarely write about my hubby but since "love" is in the air this month...and I'm on a mission to "Walk in More "Christ Like" Love" - I thought I'd take a minute and recognize my wonderfully amazing husband who is everything I could ever ask for in a man!

Larry is the best gift that God has ever given me (outside of my kids of course :-). He is kind, caring, funny, generous and quite a hunky man to me! I love my husband!!!

Here's my handsome hub...

Walking in Love

The Love of God always oozes out of my mouth,
I am always patient with my husband and children,
I am understanding. I don't jump to conclusions,
I am careful about my voice tone, the words I say and
I give a soft answer.
I am (Love is) patient,
I am (Love is) kind,
I am (Love is) not envious,
I am (Love is) not prideful or boastful,
I am (Love is) not rude.
I (Love) rejoice(s) in the truth,
I (Love) bear(s) all things,
I (Love) believe(s) all things,
I (Love) hope(s) all things,
I (Love) endure(s) all things,
God is Love, I in Christ am Love and Love Never Fails!!!

Little Lulu's NOT so "little" anymore

God has blessed us with the "CUTEST" dog in the WORLD!!! Our little Lulu is just adorable and when I get on the ball..I'm going to enter her into a cutest dog contest of some sort.