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JOY comes in the morning...and for St. REALLY does!!!

I think you'd have to be living under a rock or have your head buried in some oily sand to live in the St. Louis area and not hear about JOY FM 97.7/94.1's purchase of KFOU's 99.1 classical radio station. While there is MUCH debate going on in our city over it...I wanted to take a moment and tell you WHY JOY FM and Christian radio mean so much to me.
You see, the world looks at christians and think we accept Jesus and then we're now suppose to be these "perfect" people...YES, as Christians we should strive for right living and holiness but we are NOT perfect...we're JUST forgiven!
Back in 1992/93 I was "hooked" on Christian music, Christian radio (WCBW :) and thankfully following after GOD himself. My husband at the time and I had suffered MORE than our fair share of obstacles as a young married couple and I could see the hand of God working in the midst of our marriage.
But everyday we make choices in this life, choices that bring us closer to G…