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Some Pinterest

So I was on Pinterest when it very first rolled out on the WWW...I couldn't for the life of me figure out what all the fuss would be about it so I chucked it aside and didn't really give it another thought...until recently that is.

My son's girlfriend was over one night and we were chatting and she was talking "all things Pinterest"...I told her that I just "didn't" get it...what's the deal/big deal with it!?!

She logged in and took me into her account and I got to "See" for myself what the fuss was about...that night I made an account and pinned over a couple hundred was fun!

So if you're like me and trying to figure out...what's the deal with Pinterest let me try to explain it a bit and then tell you some Pinterest things that I'm happy I've found.

Here's the basis behind it in my own opinion: You start a pinterest account and during that process the system automatically has you choose pictures for thi…

A Whole Lot of

I don't really feel like I have much to say these days. I mean of course I'm talking and things are all good here but it seems I've not had much in the sense of blog posts for bloggyland. :)

We're gearing up for another year of school and I'm trying to get more organized than I have been in years past.

We're thanking God for some things that only HE can orchestrate that have taken place in our lives and in our family over the last few months.

Going the end of this month our Spanish/English translator from our mission trip in Colombia, South America will be here to stay 10 or so days with us before she gets married to our dear friend Zach. They have asked me to be their matron of honor and I'm super excited!!! (not because I'm their matron of, but because they are both adorable, have an awesome love for the Lord and have committed to not even kiss until their wedding day...SOOO cool!!!)

That's about it for now. I'll tr…

In Honor of Independence Day

I'm putting up the flag!!!

This Evil World - or Is it???

It doesn't take but a few minutes of watching the news to quickly realize that America is heading into some tough times. There seems to be alot of evil going on. I rejoice in the fact that we are not "of this world"...we're living for the King of Kings and awaiting His return. I went to the book of Habakkuk today and found comfort in knowing that God is still in control of the world despite the apparent triumph of evil. Habakkuk saw a dying world back there in 612 BC...a world that troubled him at that time and though I like to think in my mind that it has be worse now than it was then...maybe it wasn't? I mean they had whoremongering and homosexuality going on back then too...isn't that crazy to think about? Remember Sodom & Gomorrah? It may "seem" as though the wicked triumph but eventually they will be judged, and righteousness will prevail. Judgment may not come quickly, but it WILL come. God is the creator of this world and He is at work in…

God's Chisel

I've seen this before but it still speaks volumns to me. God loves you TOO much to leave you the way that you are...God doesn't make ARE an original masterpiece!!!

My Hudson Heritage

My Aunt, Anna Eileen (Hudson) Baxter, was the 3rd born Hudson girl of my dad's siblings. Out of the 5 Hudson kids, there were 3 girls, 2 boys born and 2 boys that went to heaven during or shortly after birth. My grandma, Ethel Bell (Austin) Hudson, died when I was 18 months old and my grandpa, Charles Martin Hudson, died when I was 5. I never knew any of the rest of my grandfather's family. We tried to do family reunions on the Hudson side every couple of years. My Aunt Ann passed away on Wednesday night and was the first of the Charles Martin Hudson kids to die.

Our family roots come from England and our heritage can be traced as far back as the 1500's. The famous explorer Henry Hudson would be one of my great uncles, his brother William is one of my great grandfather's and their dad Henry is also one of my great grandfather's.

(Image from Google Images)
Our Hudson heritage has dwindled down to 1 Hudson boy to carry on the name, my nephew Dustin.
Should he not hav…

Homemade Laundry Detergent

It seems the latest "craze" has made it here to my house. Most everyone I know is beginning to make their own laundry detergent, anti-static dryer sheet alternatives and dishwashing detergent.
I have spent the last couple of weeks making and trying various recipes of these so I thought I'd share with you my opinion on them.
I'll start with the easiest first:

Anti-Static Dryer Sheet Alternative (other than the failed aluminum foil
2 sponges cut in half
1 bottle of cheap Ocean Mist type of hair conditioner
Pour conditioner into a tub that has a lid and place sponges in it. When you throw your clothes into the dryer you throw in a conditioner soaked sponge.
I honestly really liked this and loved the smell. It seemed to work just fine as far as an antistatic too. I didn't like the conditioner being all over my hands when I threw the sponge into the dryer. I'm not sure about the cost - I forgot to start keeping track to see how many conditioner dip…

How Much is TOO Much???

I've been struggling lately...really it's been a struggle within myself.
I've been asking myself, "How much is "too" much"???

I can honestly say the last 2 years we have been feeling the pull of the world towards worldly "stuff" (iphone's, flat screen tv's, etc) and the pull towards putting our treasure towards godly "stuff"...investing in lives, souls, hunger, helping those in need, etc. (BTW, I do have an iphone that a friend blessed me with...thank you friend!:)(We still do not have a flat screen tv and I'm not judging you if you have these things...we'd really love one...we just haven't gotten it yet:)

So that has brought me to a question that I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one dealing with...last night I saw this post from Shannan @FlowerPatchFarmGirl Obviously...she has been wondering "How Much is Too Much" too.

The pairing down/weeding out the useless spending seems to have all st…

Titanic...100 Years later

My Beautiful One and I had the opportunity to go away for the weekend to a Titanic 100 Year rememberance, a time to honor the men (women & children) who went down with the Titanic.

I had never heard things from the Titanic from a Christian perspective. The sinking of the Titanic can be looked upon as a modern day parable...similar to the "Tower of Babel." The builders of the Titanic wanted to build the "biggest" ship, with the best ammenities it could have. The ship housed a prideful arrogance...its builders and promoters boasted that "Even God couldn't sink it"...though they weren't sure where this saying came from...they prided themselves in it. Maybe God looked upon that as a bit of a "challenge" persea?
If only 1 of the following "what if's" would have taken place...the ship might not have sank, might have been rescued, or might have had less loss of life than it did.
"What if:" What if...they would hav…

Happy Easter!!!

HE is Risen!!! Praying you found the risen Savior this weekend and each day after!!! God bless you all from our home to yours!

My family...

My sister and I...our dad was in the hospital. :(

Pecan Butter...Scrump-del-i-icious!!!

This weekend I attended a local event and got to try the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G stuff ever Ziegelmeier's Toasted Pecan Butter. What is Toasted Pecan Butter you ask??? It's pecans that are toasted which brings out the flavor, then they are ground smooth and mixed with raw sugar & some sea salt which helps to make it creamy...similiar to peanut butter but OH SO much better! WOW, this stuff is A-D-D-I-CTING!!! Grab some chocolate syrup and pour them both in at the same time for the ultimate in yummy goodness!!! Not that I've tried that or anything. {grin}

I bought the crunchy pecan butter variety because I like some crunch and I love me some pecans!

Since Ziegelmeier's & Co is currently having a sale - I thought I'd let you in on the yummy goodness...I can't possibly save it "ALL" for myself...though I'd sure like to! :)

Ziegelmeier's Toasted Pecan Butter is:

~ Gluten Free

~ High in antioxidants

~ No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservativ…


Ever feel like a “leftover”??? describes it:left-o-ver 2. anything left or remaining from a larger amount; the remainderYou ever feel like that? Someone left over from a larger group…you know, you don’t really fit in with the “in” group but sometimes on the off chance you do end up with a side line invite to something they are doing. Maybe you feel like a second class citizen? I’ve been feeling like that A LOT lately…in my family, sometimes in my church family, etc.  Many insecurities are raging inside of me, you must not be a good enough friend, your just an afterthought, you don’t “rank” in my/our group…etc.Thankfully God knows me, God loves me with an everlasting love, God says I’m right where HE wants me to be. God is my friend no matter if I have any or not. If your heart is heavy today because you feel like you don’t quite “fit-in”, you don’t quite make the grade, or your looking for some reassurance…stop comparing yourself and go to God. He is the only friend you…

Over Active Bladder...I'm cured!!! TMI ~ LOL

I really struggled about writing this post but figured if it helped might help someone out there in bloggy land...

About a year ago, I began drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water. This led to drinking 75 oz. of water a day...that's a LOT of water. I began going to the bathroom ALOT and any time I felt like it. Unfortunately, I messed up my bladder signals to my brain. It became so bad that I think I was going to the bathroom about every was ALWAYS on my mind.

I went and saw my doctor a couple months ago and told her about this. She sent me to a Urogynocologist and to Bladder Physical Therapy. Thanks to these two specialist...I now am back to "normal" in the potty area and I am SOOO thankful!!!

What did they do to get me "unchained" to the toilet?

The first thing I did was cut back my liquid intake, I was NOT allowed to drink more than 4-6 ounces in an hours time.
This lasted the ENTIRE 6 weeks of my Bladder Therapy.

The second thing…

This says it ALL!!!


My ‘Unpaid’ Pajama Jean Review…As Seen On TV

My sweet husband heard me talk about the “Pajama Jeans” when we were in Walgreens one day. Guess what I got for Christmas? He knows I wear a size 10 so he got me a Medium…they fit fine but I wasn’t sure what they would be like after they were machine washed and dried…I didn’t want them to shrink up because I’m so tall, I took them back and got a Large. The Large fit just like I would want them to and they are the perfect length for me. (image taken from the Pajama Jean website)They sport the “look” of denim but the comfort and feel of sweatpants. While I wouldn’t normally go ‘out’ in sweatpants…I’ll go out in my Pajama Jeans! Honestly, I would NEVER spend $40 on a pair of jeans for myself but I am really considering going and buying a couple more pair!I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!They were originally only made in “bootcut” (so I have the legs of them pinned until I can sew them) but I now see on their site that they have “skinny” leg too…not sure WHEN and IF Walgreen’s will carry them. O…