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Merry Christmas Momma!

My Dad canceled out this year because my brother came to my house…it was the FIRST Christmas without mom & dad BOTH. My dad’s health is getting bad…I pray he’s able to make it next year!!!

Aluminum Foil…in the Dryer??? - UPDATE - IT DOESN"T WORK!

UPDATE - I don't feel this worked for us so I went back to dryer sheets!!!

Just ran out of Bounce Dryer sheets and had 1 load to go. Because I ’m toolazy broke my fibula, it’s hurting and I don’t feel like running to the store at 8:30pm…I took matters into my own hands by scouring the internet to see if I could find an alternative so our clothes wouldn’t be all full of static and such. Low and behold there was a RAVING write up on using aluminum foil rolled up in a 2-3” tight ball in the place of a dryer sheet. I was tickled pink since I had a roll of aluminum foil that had unfortunately gone haywire and was driving me crazy cause it would no longer tear off right…ugh. Double ugh that foil made me so blasted mad when it happened. It seemed I could never get it to straighten back out right either. I didn’t want to throw it away but it has been NO use to me for the better part of a year. Now I had the PERFECT solution…even if it came off in small pieces…it would still work in my tig…

Easy, Yummy, Chewy Coconut Cookies

My husband LOVES coconut. I think it's one of those things that you either LOVE or hate...I happen to be a lover of it too so it works good for us.

He usually runs to the store for things we need through the week and sometimes even does our grocery shopping...especially since I fractured my fibula a month or so ago. I notice he's been buying sweetened coconut and eating the bag as a snack.

I had NEVER heard of coconut cookies but since cookies seem to be the theme before Christmas...I did a google search to see if there was any such cookie. To my surprise...there IS!!!

I found a recipe at that looked easy enough for me to give it a try. For me, a recipe has to be pretty simple and not require alot of ingredients...I'm not a patient cook or baker. :)

Here's the Coconut cookie on one of my beautifully seasoned Pampered Chef stones. They are SUPER YUMMY! :)

Merry Christmas Bloggy Friends!!!

I've had my Christmas cards since the middle of November...I had to MAKE myself hold off sending them out until after Thanksgiving. Finally, it's close enough for me to wish you "my bloggy friends" a Merry Christmas!!!

I was pleased to not have to photoshop people in or out of our picture this year!!! I just had to photoshop Lulu a new face because she had devil eyes that I could not get out in the original one.

Keep Christ in Christmas...Jesus is the reason for this season!!!
God bless you and Merry Christmas!

A Fractured Fibula...OUCH!!!

On Oct 15 I ran my 8.5 mile training for the half marathon I was going to be doing on Oct 23. When I finished running that day...I could barely walk. My left ankle did something and it swelled and H U R T!!! OUCH!!!

I went to the doctor that week to make sure it wasn't broken or fractured before I ran the half marathon. The doctor sent me for xrays but also let me know that a stress fracture of the fibula doesn't always show up until it's healing and if it got any worse, I should come back in within 2 weeks and have another xray. The xray at that time showed that I did not have a fractured fibula however, the pain and what the ankle has been doing since Oct 15 never really changed. It has been hurting and swelling this whole time.

Photo courtesy of google images

I went to a foot and ankle specialist yesterday for my bruised toenails and to have him look at my ankle and tell me what he thought. He couldn't believe I had 6 bruised toenails of which ALL of them should hav…

Shaking is coming…

***Going into 2012 there is going to be a testing of your faith & your Lordship walk***
He's coming back for a Holy bride and in order for Him to come back there has to be a shaking of the church where all the grey areas of our walk are challenged and we only see black and white. There is going to be a shaking...our priorities will be changed. He is coming back for a Holy church.
The main 2 areas people fail in walking in Lordship is Not think you are adequate and not willing to change.
Matthew 1:18 Mary & Joseph are real people just like us. Josephs plans are radically changed.
Luke 1:29-35 how will this happen? I am a virgin.
*Anytime God speaks a plan into your life into action...there is always a shaking.
More people fail in the shaking because we don't feel like we are good enough, strong enough to do what He called us to do. We don't think we are enough to do what He's called us to do. The beauty of Him calling you into something is not for your glory…

Lone Elk Park in Jeopardy of Being Closed


I just read an article* that one of St. Louis' greatest parks, Lone Elk Park, is on the top of the counties list of parks to be closed. The article lists that there are 20 parks that will possibly close in the St. Louis County area...another big one on the list is the famous waterway...George Winter Park.

This news has me bummed out. I've gone to Lone Elk Park since I was a kid and have fond memories of great times there. Currently we live close enough to get to there within about 8 minutes.

Lone Elk Park is a wildlife management area, with bison, wild turkey, waterfowl, elk and deer. When I was a kid we used to go on guided hiking tours there and now my daughter enjoys Geocaching there.

If you live in Missouri and have been to Lone Elk Park, hopefully you have grown an appreciation for the park as my family and I have. If so, please take a moment and flood the phone lines of St. Louis County requesting that they remove "Lone Elk Park" from their proposed parks closing…

A Night of Worship

A friend of mine blessed me with a ticket to Chris Tomlin's "A Night of Worship" concert here in St. Louis on Friday night. It was quite amazing that she even thought of asking me to go. I was blessed beyond measure! My husband and daughter were also given tickets on Friday from someone at my husband's work and that was also quite amazing. Funny thing is, I was going to buy us tickets and knew we shouldn't spend the money on that right now so I exited the webpage and said, if God wants us to be there...we'll be there...well, looks like He wanted us to be there!!! :)Not only was the Night of Worship AMAZING but so was sitting on the floor level during the concert and the Meet N Greet that was included with our tickets...WOW!!!Thanks sure blessed me!!!

The Supernatural - Living a Life of Holiness

1) It shapes our worldview2) It defines how we walk through our life3) walk by Faith - believe God whether I get the outcome I want or not. God moves according to His will and not according to our faith. If I can dictate to Him when He moves then I am playing God.4) Fear holds us back...fear of the unknown5) trying to establish our own kingdom6) unbelief holds us back7) living a life of holinessHow do we walk out the holy life. If I don't walk holy, no one around me will see holiness.Galatians 5:16-18 you are not to do whatever you want.A holy life has to be led by the Spirit and walked out according to Him and His will. Image from Google Images If you wake up and your day is all about you then you are NOT walking holy. Most Christians spend their whole week walking in the flesh however they want. If everything is about you then something is off.Wake up everyday and be led by the Spirit.Galatians 5:19 - 21 the acts of the flesh are OBVIOUS: sexual immorality, impurity, and debauch…

A Christian Store Giveaway

Two (2) people will win a hundred dollar gift certificate for online store. Contest dates runs from November 8, 2011 through November, 12, 2011. CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!! (Please do NOT enter by leaving comments for me, you must click to go to the site to enter the contest)

The Run…It’s Done!!!

I was emotional leading up to the event and I really thought it was going to be an emotional day for me but it really wasn’t and that was a great relief! I’m trying to stop my mind thinking that healing needs to look like this or that (that I needed to be all emotional for the healing/past of this event to take place). I feel that God had me run for a reason...I’m still trying to process what that reason is. (Maybe there’ll be a “Run for Raped & Sexually Abused Victims”) Nevertheless, I know that God had me run “For such a time as THIS”!!! Maybe you would continue to pray for me that God would reveal anything He wants to from this, that I’ll hear his voice just as clearly as I did when He told me to “Choose to Run”. The run itself was difficult but good. I marveled at the symbolism of the run compared to my true life event – there were 13 miles to symbolize my 13 years before being raped and .10 miles to run to the police station/the end...13.1 never felt SO good!!! (Freedom!!!) B…

Choosing to Run…

When I was 13 years old, I was held down and forcibly raped by a guy that I babysat for and kept there to endure more at a later time in the night. During the in-between time of events, I had an opportunity to “RUN”. There was a police station a block away and I was one of the FASTEST cross country runners at school...if I had only gotten up off that couch and “RUN”. Why didn’t I run? I was afraid...FEAR kept me from running. Thankfully God was with me then and God is with me now!!!In April of this year, (after 27 years) God told me it was time to forgive the guy who raped me. I walked through that process and I forgave him and it was one of the most freeing things for me!And’s time to RUN!Over the last few months, I have been training to run the St. Louis 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles)...not because it’s anything that “I’ve” ever wanted to do but it’s more of a command from the Lord for me. I’m suppose to “ RUN”! I’ve tried to quit a couple of times but God has awaken …

Dealing with the Supernatural...


Image taken from Google Images
It IS real, it is the substance in which we walk out our Christian walk. It's hard to understand it in the natural. There is no way to walk in Lordship without the Supernatural!!! Don't let the Supernatural be a 'bookend' in your life. What is the Supernatural? What do we need it for? Act 1:8 you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. Phillipians 4:13 I can do ALL things through Christ WHO strengthens me! It is impossible to walk in Lordship and complete the calling on your life if you don't submitt to the Holy Spirit's Supernatural power. It is not bound to the Natural laws. It is beyond our natural ability. What is it for? 1) revelation 2) direction 3) protection 4) provision The Exodus had ALL of these Supernatural things! Everything that He does Supernaturally points back to Him!!! Why is the Supernatural and our belief in the supernatural so important? Because it will shape your worldview. As…

A Vacation of Blessings!!!

Last year we had a vacation planned but after the Lord directing us to bless a ministry with those funds…we felt we couldn’t afford to go so we canceled the vacation. This year we had our money all saved up and I began making plans. Low and behold, a week or so before leaving the Lord once again directed us to bless a ministry with those funds and we were heading around that mountain again. We decided to Trust in the Lord, and go on vacation. WOW, we were blessed!!!I think the most AMAZING animals in the world are dolphins, I have loved them for over 20 years now and think they are BEAUTIFUL creatures. I have wanted so badly to be able to swim with the dolphins. This year…it happened. Some of our friends got together and took up a collection to pay 1/2 of the funds for us to swim with the dolphins…it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I’ve wanted to do it so bad for so long…I almost cried when it was my time. We drove on Saturday to 1/2 way and stayed the night in Georgia. We got up Sunday and…