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Some people have ALL the luck...good thing I don't need any...I've got Jesus!!!

Well - my son-in-law has won BIG!!! Not only is he receiving a fourth of the 1.5 million dollars his mom is getting from the AB buy out to Inbev...he also won 3 million dollars on a Missouri scratch off last week...then he won another $100 ...WOW - Some people have ALL the luck!!!

But - I don't need it...if you don't have Jesus, you don't have ANYTHING and he may be headed to hell with his millions if he doesn't get himself right with the good Lord above!

He's already got most of it spent in his head...a couple of houses, a couple of boats, several vacations, new furniture, people crawling out of the woodwork, beer, beer and MORE beer...Lord give him wisdom. Sometimes winning millions could be the WORST thing as after the money is gone, you can be in worse shape...

Well - I guess if he would want to bless his father-in-law with some (NOT likely)...I won't argue with him!!! :-)

Another "ordinary" day? We'll miss you John...

I'm sure for my dear friend Monica that yesterday was just another "ordinary" day. I'm sure they each got up and the boys got ready for school (or are they on Spring Break this week?). She may have even still been dressed in her PJ's with her fuzzy slippers on working from her home office downstairs that John built her, when she received the dreaded call...the call that has "I'm sure" TREMENDOUSLY altered her life at this point...the call that her husband has had a problem and they are rushing him to the hospital or the call that spoke unbelievable truth through the phone lines...The call that told her that the LOVE of her life has gone to be with the Lord.

Our dear friend John died yesterday from what appears to be an anyerisum or a heart attack. I know my friend Monica (who is currently surrounded by her sisters and family) must be in complete devastation as she and John had one of the best marriages that I have ever been around. As we all sit her…

A Weekend to Remember!!!

Well we started our anniversary off at a Weekend to Remember Marriage conference in Peoria, IL. The owners of my husband's company blessed us with FREE tickets to attend and we were going to go to Branson at the end of March but things came up and we wouldn't be able to make that one. We were originally booked at Pere Marquette in Grafton, IL and I looked at the brochure for the W2R and saw they were going to be at Hotel Pere Marquette...I didn't know those were two different retreats in 2 different cities but talked to Larry and found out the Hotel Pere Marquette was only 3 hours away (which is closer than Branson :-) so I began praying about it and working on us going. God is so good to have worked it out for us as there were only 3 hotels in that area and they were BOOKED with a huge dance competition that was going to go on Saturday night...thankfully, we got one of the last rooms left and it was WONDERFUL!!! We had a wonderful time getting to KNOW each other again, at…

8 years ago today!!!

6 people and a beach 2000 miles away from home at 10 am on a Tuesday morning...

ALOT has changed since that little guys not so little, my baby's not a baby and my momma's no longer with us...I miss you mom!

and if you look REAL will see that these pictures are the background for my blog layout!!! I LOVE St. Croix, USVI!!!

Wordless Wednesday


Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Ok so the first week was SO NOT fun...I decided to try it again this Not Me! Monday!

I did NOT book a weekend away for "just" hubby and I for our anniversary...that would be TOO much fun! We did NOT get blessed with 2 FREE tickets to a Weekend to Remember seminar this Friday, Saturday & Sunday - and we are NOT, NOT, NO we're NOT going to Peoria, Il all alone for our anniversary!!! :-)

I did NOT begin cleaning my oh so "REALLY NOT" clean house this past week...after being down and out for the past 5 weeks from a hysterectomy...I thought the house cleaning fairy would come in and NOT clean my house and guess what...she didn't...and I did NOT!!!

I also did NOT take my car for an oil change when my hubbys is 3000 miles past due for his oil change...No, I did NOT!