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A night away

We just went over to Pere Marquette and spent the night away to go Geocaching. (You can check that out at – basically, someone hides a box full of trinket things in the woods, gives you the coordinates and you try to find the box…it’s fun)We had an ok time – the cabin was neat but it was one of those trips that you wanted to go on to get away but that you kind of knew it was a waste of money and you shouldn’t really be there spending your money like that…yep, it was one of those kinds. We were really suppose to be at the Creation Museum but something told me that we weren’t suppose to go so we did this instead…good thing too since my mother in law broke her hip and had to have a hip replacement during the time we would have been gone. So back to Pere Marquette – There wasn’t really anything to eat around there and we wasted $65 on the all you can eat Sunday brunch buffet – the food was mediocre – none of us can eat enough “all you can eat” to warrant spending $65. H…

My 40th Surprise Party & Happy birthday to me!!!

Here are the photos from my 40th surprise party...
Another free scrapbooking design by Smilebox

Check out what I got for my birthday...I'm LOVING it!!! God really blessed us as we got it for $100 off too...WOO HOO!!!

Here's a photo from our dinner at the Lemp Mansion - I'm trying to get photos from my surprise bday party uploaded too...will hopefully do that soon.

A weekend FULL of SURPRISE parties!!!

This past weekend I had a GREAT time visiting with many friends and family. On Friday night 6 of us homeschooling moms were going to go out to celebrate our friend Amy's 40th birthday (she turns 40 3 days before I do this week:) the funny thing is that all of our other friends also decided to have a surprise 40th for me at the same time...we went to the Melting Pot and had a blast!!!

Then on Saturday I was in on a gig to get my friends husband to what I thought was HIS surprise 65th birthday which ended up being MY 40th surprise party put on by my sister, best friend Melinda and best friend Lois. It was AWESOME!!!

I'll try to add photos from this a bit later.