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1st John

1john 2:7-9 the original command is love your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. U should see a new way of looking at it after Christ came.
1john 3:11-17 tolerate and speak kind words to your enemy. Love those around us even unto death. Christ is our example.
9) anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is in darkness.
The enemy gets us trapped in unforgiveness and hatred. He gets us trapped in this moment in time.
If you are my child you do NOT have that right!!! You can NOT walk in unforgiveness if I have forgiven you.
3:16-19 this then is HOW know we belong to the truth
Jeremiah 17:9 the heart is deceitful above ALL things beyond cure. Your heart is a liar and directs you to the lust of the flesh. There is a war going on.
The heart will condemn you unto death and you run from the presence of God and the Holy Spirit convicts you to draw you near to Him.
There is a difference in u stumbling in an area and in u making a lifestyle of it. Either …

How Winners Think…How to Think Through the Tough Times

Hebrews 12:1-3
If we do anything difficult in life we need to think like Jesus. Know that there's going to b problems. Inspite of the difficulty of the things in this life. Don't become overwhelmed. Focus past to the race u u have to run. Ur faith begins in knowing there is reward in ur future. On Friday Jesus wasn't talking about that day, he was focused on Sunday. Fight discouragement.
The type of thinking that the devil traps us in - photographic - a bad moment in ur life making u think this is as good as it's going to get.
The spirit of fear tells u your future is worse than your today.
Prophetic thinking is willing to recognize that tomorrow is better than today.
Reality minus God = fear
God is at work in our family.
Have joy!!!
1/3 of the bible is prophecy.
Jesus is coming and we win!!!
We war with the prophecies that God sends to us. In that moment pull out your prophecy book and speak what God says about you to the devil.
1) walk by faith and not by s…

What we Should do during these times

1) keep your head in the game, be men and women who study. You will begin to think about things you can do.
2) keep your house in order, find out whats going on in ur house. Stop and think about ur house Get out of debt.
3) keep your heart in your faith, at the time we need it the most is the time we begin to back away from church, God, reading our bible and serving.
Daniel 11:32-33
4) keep your hope in God, this world is NOT our home.

It figures tonight would be a full's a sad, sad day!

I woke up this morning believing that the Lord wanted me to call an aunt of mine and apologize to her for being judgmental toward flesh didn't "WANT" to do that but nevertheless, I did it. It was tough and the conversation wasn't as I had hoped but she "DID" grant me forgiveness. (Thank you Lord!)

Heather and I decided to run over and see my uncle who is in the hospital...we got ALL the way over to St. Louis University Hospital and drove through the entire parking garage for 10minutes trying to locate a parking spot. We finally got parked and walked all the way from one of the furthest spots in the garage to the elevators and then across the cross walk to the hospital. Lo-n-behold the receptionist about came unglued when we didn't stop at her desk because apparently, kids are NOT allowed in St. Louis University have to be at least 18 years old...ugh! She told me I was welcome to leave my 10 year old in the lobby (yeah right!) whi…

Food Prices to SOAR!!!

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Thanks to Laura over at Org Junkie and to Brian over at Say Mmm for their latest giveaway!

I used Say Mmm's new printable grocery list on a recipe I had posted over at Laura "the Org Junkie's"site and won a copy of Laura's newest book...Clutter Rehab. The printable grocery list was very easy to use and fun. I'm going to try to get organized and get over to that site and add some more of my recipes linking the printable grocery list to make it easier to see what we need for our meals.

I've just viewed some of the Clutter Rehab book over at Amazon and can't wait to receive my copy. I KNOW it's going to help me clear up some of this clutter I've gathered lately.

Go to Amazon and take a look...what a great belated Valentine's gift - go ahead and buy a copy for yourself and a friend!!!

Thanks Org Junkie Laura & Say Mmm Brian for the giveaway!!!

Our Conflict is between Flesh and our desire of God

2 Timothy 4:3 there will come a day when men will become weary. They will gather unto themselves teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.
Our conflict is between flesh and the desire of God.
1 John 1:1-9; 2-5
1:5-6) God is light, there is NO darkness in Him AT ALL!!! If u claim to live in the light but you walk in the darkness - u r a liar and your life is based on a lie.
2:1-2) there is a difference between u walking in sin and just sinning - if u sin u can go before Him and repent.
Romans 10:14 tell people what u have seen God do for you.
#1 test whats in front of you False teachers will come -u have to know the truth to be able to know if they are speaking the truth.

A Message from Pat...worth sharing

January 2011

Pat Robertson went before the Lord in prayer and believes the Lord has given him a word of warning to pass along to his staff and partners. He makes it clear that he is NOT a psychic; he simply seeks the Lord and then listens as the Lord speaks to him through His Word and Holy Spirit.

From Pat:

I believe the Lord said our country is in great peril. Our leaders have harkened to the demands of special interest groups and have led our nation into bankruptcy. In two years there will come a time of reckoning. The president who will be elected in 2012 will preside over an impoverished nation. Our creditors will demand payment and there will not be enough to satisfy their claims. Our currency will shrink in value.

In the midst of this turmoil, God says, “I will protect my people, but warn them now about what is coming. Tell them to get OUT of debt and RESTRICT purchase.” When crisis comes, it will be those who are in debt who will be hurt the most. Now is the time to get fin…

Making Right Choices

Deut 32:19 i set before you life and death, choose you therefore life.
By making right choices you can do away with anger and making wrong choices, etc.
Live deeper by going beyond what you want, think and feel.
Freedom is NOT free. Sow wisdom, reap wisdom. Sow foolishness and reap foolishness.
Don't feed misery by going with your feelings. Do what's right while it still feels are growing.
Luke 5:1-7 don't live in shallow water (i want, i think, i feel) go beyond what i (want, think, feel) deeper, i will have an OVERABUNDANCE in life. Wisdom does now what it will be happy with later on. That way you don't have to live your life in regret.
Proverbs 2:1-6 we have too loose of a feeling today concerning God almighty! We need to love,respect and reverance him enough out of love. The Lord gives skillfull and Godly wisdom to those who seek it.
Proverbs 4:8 - use wisdom and get promotion. Walk in integrity when no one is watching. True promotion comes…

Knowing God's Will

Almost everybody asks God, what is ur will for my life? What we really mean is what is our destiny for "our" life. We are not promised tomorrow. God wants u to know His will for today. Do his will today, do his will tomorrow and u will walk out God's will for your life.
Matthew 16:24 deny yourself, take up your cross DAILY and follow Me.
Everything Jesus did was a part of God's will - to die on the cross was God's plan from the was God's will for Jesus' life. God's will for EVERYBODY is 1 Timothy 2:3-6 God wants ALL men to be saved. His will for ur life is He wants u to be saved. Salvation is when u repent and turn ur life towards Him. After you are saved, His will for your life is Matthew 22:34-40 love the Lord ur God with ALL ur heart, soul and mind. Then love your neighbor as yourself. (everybody) This ain't about you. Jesus was a servant.
Psalm 119:105 your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path. God's will i…