A weekend FULL of SURPRISE parties!!!

This past weekend I had a GREAT time visiting with many friends and family. On Friday night 6 of us homeschooling moms were going to go out to celebrate our friend Amy's 40th birthday (she turns 40 3 days before I do this week:) the funny thing is that all of our other friends also decided to have a surprise 40th for me at the same time...we went to the Melting Pot and had a blast!!!

Sherry, Amee & Amy

Whitney & me (sorry Nan...I don't have any photos with you in them:(    

Then on Saturday I was in on a gig to get my friends husband to what I thought was HIS surprise 65th birthday which ended up being MY 40th surprise party put on by my sister, best friend Melinda and best friend Lois. It was AWESOME!!!

I'll try to add photos from this a bit later.


Mamita J said…
Happy birthday, Kim! What a fun weekend!

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