Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It figures tonight would be a full's a sad, sad day!

I woke up this morning believing that the Lord wanted me to call an aunt of mine and apologize to her for being judgmental toward flesh didn't "WANT" to do that but nevertheless, I did it. It was tough and the conversation wasn't as I had hoped but she "DID" grant me forgiveness. (Thank you Lord!)

Heather and I decided to run over and see my uncle who is in the hospital...we got ALL the way over to St. Louis University Hospital and drove through the entire parking garage for 10minutes trying to locate a parking spot. We finally got parked and walked all the way from one of the furthest spots in the garage to the elevators and then across the cross walk to the hospital. Lo-n-behold the receptionist about came unglued when we didn't stop at her desk because apparently, kids are NOT allowed in St. Louis University have to be at least 18 years old...ugh! She told me I was welcome to leave my 10 year old in the lobby (yeah right!) while I go visit my uncle...I don't "THINK" so!!!

We decided to go to the gift shop and see if there was anything we could buy my uncle and have them deliver it for us...unfortunately, while we were in the gift shop, Larry called and told me that his 42yo daughter (my step-daughter) was found dead this morning...I'm SO sad!!!

I've struggled all day with did we talk enough to her, show her enough love, pray for her enough??? Life is SO short...why didn't we connect with her more?

For whatever it's worth Chris...Thank you for being a friend to me...I've always loved you!!!

It's been a tough's a full moon indeed.

Christine Denise Ritter-Grisham-Hedtkamp
April 24, 1968-February 16, 2011


Leslie said...

I'm so sorry, Kim. We'll be praying for you guys.

Mamita J said...

Oh Kim! I'm so sorry. Can I do anything for you?

Sending prayers and hugs.


Paper Blessings said...

Kim, your family is in our prayers. ((hugs))