An AMAZING Testimony of God's Blessings...AGAIN

Well friends...I don't know WHY God blessing us around every corner is still a shock to me but he's done it AGAIN!!!
Let me give you some background on this testimony:
When we came back from the JOY FM & Focus on Missions mission trip to Mexico in July of this year, we decided as a family that we all wanted to go back to Matamoros, Mexico with Focus on Missions December 26 - January1. We were pumped and began working on it almost immediately.
Unfortunately, I began getting a sick feeling concerning paying another $2000 at Christmas time since we had already planned to go to Disney in September too. This was looking to be a VERY expensive year of travel for us so I talked with Larry and we decided that since a set of "angel's" was going to be paying for part of at least 1 of us to go and Michael was of age...we'd let him go and the rest of us would stay home. We prayed about it and later felt that we could come up with the money for Larry to go too so we signed both of them up. (Larry never shared with me until yesterday that he didn't feel right going without me)
I mentioned to our "angel" friends that we weren't going to be able to afford for all of us to go but told them that if God wanted me and Heather to go...he's a big enough God that he can make it happen. I didn't really do much more about it but I kept getting in my Spirit that I would be on that trip...I would just tell the Lord that I didn't see HOW that would be possible but I trusted HIM enough to know that if he wanted us on the trip...he would make it happen.
Well - I got the "official" call today that Heather and I can go on the mission trip FREE of charge...for just the cost of our evening meals ($50 each)...this is AMAZING to me and is so mind boggling!!! The bus is paid for and there are a couple of seats left and since Larry & Michael's room is already paid for we would just room with them. God is SO good!!!
Please rejoice with us as we Thank God for blessing us once again!!! Also, please pray that everything will "fall" into place as we have 12 days to plan and prepare the 4 of us to go. And also, please pray for the trip itself as this will be a 22 hour bus ride there and back and quick building & ministry in 3 days.


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