Vacuum Canning Marshmallows

A few weeks ago I happened upon a steal of a deal at my local Goodwill...I LOVE it when that happens!

I snagged a deal on this handy little guy (in black)

picture borrowed from

(that I must confess I didn't have the SLIGHTEST idea what to do with until I hit some youtube videos)

Got him for $9.95...I know a steal of a deal when I see it!

I bought him for the vacuum part not so much the sealing part. I then purchased the jar attachments and hose so I could begin dry canning some goods that have been hanging out in bags for quite some time.

Hope you enjoy this fun little video of our marshmallow canning:

Happy Friday!


"The Mrs." said…
Hey!! Thanks so much for all the google help.....I ended up buying the $5 space :)

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