For such a time as this...

On March 27, my mom was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma (lung cancer from second hand cigarette smoke that is very fast growing and spreads very quickly). On March 30, she underwent a PET scan that showed the spot on the lung and a spot on her right hip bone. April 11, she had a bone biopsy of the right hip which came back negative for cancer. On April 22, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to begin a 40 day fast (April 22-May 31) for my mom's healing. In April, I didn't understand or even realize at the time the extent of all of this as at that time my mom was undergoing lung surgery on April 25 to remove 40% of her right lung. When they removed the portion of her lung they found the tumor to be 3.2 cm and they also removed 4 lymph nodes in that area, 2 of the lymph nodes were cancerous but 2 of them were not. Therefore, they were going to do 4 bouts of Chemo (1 every 21 days) as a precautionary measure. After my mom's first round of Chemo she began sleeping more and still losing weight. On May 30 she told her cancer doctor that she's been having severe pain in her right hip and asked his permission to go to the chiropractor as she felt that her hip was just out of place. He told her that he'd like to do another MRI of that area and if it came back clear that she could go to the chiroprator. She had an MRI on May 31 at 6:15pm at night. On Friday June 1, my mom, my sister, my daughter and I were out to lunch when we received the DREADED call that the spot on her right hip was a tumor and it was growing VERY fast. Somehow they had missed it when they biopsied it the first time (I now believe that was a God thing as they would have never removed the tumor on the lung had this spot showed up cancerous) and the tumor is now over 6 cm in size (double the size of the tumor that they just took out). That was a rough day wrapping my mind around yet another blow in the natural realm. Thankfully the 40 day fast had prepared me for what I knew in my Spirit I had to do. I woke up on June 2 knowing in my Spirit that I was to minister to my mom with the laying on of hands. I got up and did my best at lifting myself up in the Spirit, getting the scriptures that I needed for her to give her faith, praying over and over in tongues and everything else I felt the Spirit leading me to do. In the meantime, I had left a message for Dr. Garcia, a Radiation Oncologist, who is my upline in Juice Plus ( ). I told her my mom's latest events and asked her to be as upfront with me as possible. She left me a message assuring me that my mom has metastatic Lung Cancer that has spread to the hip bone and that is INCURABLE. She said that my mom didn't have very long and she'd be lucky if she lasted a year as the more she sleeps the more the cancer is taking over her body. The longest Dr Garcia has seen someone with this diagnosis live is 2 years. I didn't let this sway me and informed my sister of what Dr. Garcia had said. It's funny cause I kept getting in my Spirit that Jesus had to put the unbelievers out when he ministered healing to someone and I kept thinking that's weird cause there will only be believers here when we pray with her. Then I talked to my sister again and she was suppose to bring someone else to the baby shower that we were going to and I said, "we'll, there's our unbeliver", my sister didn't really understand what I was talking about but now I was in a position of lettting the unbeliever stay in the room while we ministered to her or putting her out. I began praying about that situtation and AMAZINGLY enough, that person got sick and didn't come...Praise God!!! When my mom got here I shared with her a little about what Dr. Garcia had said (no timeline, just the incurable part). I told her that she could take the natural or look to Jesus. I went through all the scriptures that I had, I read her the story of the woman with the issue of blood and also I read her something from one of Kenneth Hagin's books about a woman who was 82 and had 7 different kinds of cancer. She said she felt that she could believe for healing. I told her that I knew she got saved when I was 9 but I wanted to make sure that if she died she would go to heaven...she said she thought she would because she was a good person, I told her being a good person wouldn't get her into heaven. I told her only placing her faith in Jesus would get her in heaven. I felt she should rededicate her life to the Lord and she did! Then my sister and I laid hands on her and cursed her cancer and told it to shrivel up and die in Jesus name. She will have a biopsy on Tuesday June 5 and I can't WAIT as I feel like the Lord has been preparing me for such a time as this. Praise God and his holy name, Jesus is STILL in the healing business!!!


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