Where does the money go???

In 2009, I am COMMITTED (I hope :-) to trimming back on our spending and want to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!! It seems we get money, then something comes up and we spend money but we have yet through our marriage been able to SAVE money. With the economy and more upcoming economic falls...I am trying to make a "tight" budget even TIGHTER!!!

How about you? Do you have enough money saved that if a natural disaster (MAJOR EARTHQUAKE for those of us living in the midwest - prepare for what the Holy Spirit has been revealing to us in our church services:-) or job loss takes place you would be able to survive for 6 months without income? Not us, we don't...we'd have to cash in whats left of the skydiving 401ks...ouch - with a husband who just turned 61 - I pray the Lord comes back soon as his retirement isn't looking so good! I know I will need to get a job when he retires but a job for me to make the kind of money that I will need to make due to VERY LARGE PRIOR financial commitments...I need to get some training - I'd love to do Graphic Art/Graphic Design - something like that...praying the Lord will work that out in HIS time...Come Lord Jesus, Come!!!

Ok - Back to the reason for my post...Anyone want to jump on the band wagon with me tracking EVERY dollar you spend to the best of your ability? I have all the categories across the top of my spreadsheet - gas, grocery, bills, tithe, giving, etc. then I just plug the figures in...not worrying about the dates that they were incurred but grouping each month as it's own info. At the bottom I have totals going across (formulas :-) and then I have deposits (-) total spent (=) urgh - so far both months are a minus figure for us. This has GOT to change to not ONLY positive figures but also positive PLUS saving!!!

I don't know HOW the Lord keeps doing it but He's taken care of us TIME and TIME again - I don't know HOW we can spend SO much time in the red and it not effect us...but by the Grace of God!!!

Come on - this could be FUN!!! Get your saving shoes on and let's track this year and see "Where does the money go???"

Savings update $222.52 - Woo Hoo...so FAR to go!!!


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