Another eraser size lump...urgh

Well - Larry went to a new doctor a month or so ago. While there she did a prostate exam and found something that concerned her. They wanted him to have an ultrasound of the area but they don't have a code for JUST that ultrasound...the only code they have is ultrasound/biopsy. They don't have a facility that can do the biopsy side of it so she sent him to a urologist. Today was his "lucky" day and the urologist found the spot too...says it's about the size of an eraser...must be a new way to measure lumps. Says we have 2 choices - 1) do the ultrasound/biopsy or 2) wait 6 months and see if it changes in size. At the doctors recommendation, Larry has chosen to wait 6 months to see if there is any change. I pray these doctors know what they are doing and will trust in the Lord!!!


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