After stopping for lunch in Springfield at "Lambert's Cafe"

We went to Branson using our Bluegreen "points" timeshare at the Wilderness Club @ Big Cedar Lodge...we had a FABULOUS time.If you have never been to Big Cedar Lodge, I HIGHLY recommend's GREAT fun!

We stayed at the Kings River Lodge on the Bluegreen side

Our studio room was really nice...

We arrived on Monday - despite the rain that thankfully stopped about an hour out of St. Louis...we had dinner and Heather swam at the indoor pool.

On Tuesday it was still slightly rainy and overcast so we played some games, watched a movie, did some shopping and ate at the Truman's was a good day.

Wednesday was the best day with the sun shining and it being 61 we hit the outdoor activities - we went on a 2 hour hike, went swimming in 1 of the 6 or 8 outdoor pools, ate at the Truman Cafe & Worman's House, we played miniature golf and went to a wagon ride/bon fire...we had SO much fun!!!

We ate at Truman's again and left around 10:30 and thankfully were spared of all of the hard rain that seemed to be sporadic around the area.

This was a WONDERFUL, cheap, close to home and fun trip for us...being Bluegreen owners DEFINATELY has its advantages...we're looking forward to using our points next year to go back and hopefully we'll get to enjoy the fall WITHOUT the rain!


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