Merry Christmas Baby!!! A review

Despite our year of difficult instances and circumstances this year...I was determined to still make this a GREAT Christmas.

In November I got an idea to take my husbands 130 poems that the Lord gave to him in 2003 & 2004 and make them into a book. I thought we had lost all of them because the computer they were on had crashed but I was able to find hard copies that he had in his office.

I began researching free publishing software and settled on - Heather and I designed the cover and I got to work typing away. It was difficult being so giddy with this awesome secret and not being able to tell him.

The first order I placed I was a bit concern because after I was half way done with the book, I happened upon some pretty negative reviews concerning Blurb, I was all bummed out but decided to continue with what I was doing and to just Trust in the Lord with it. I only ordered 5 to see how they would turn out and they were PERFECT. They were delivered within 2 weeks of being ordered and were delivered by Fed Ex.

They came shrink wrapped all together...

I eventually ordered 15 more for the rest of our family and received them 4 days after them being ordered...I thought that was amazing!!! I saved $32.50 using a code they offered on their site which more than paid for the 2nd day air shipping I had to get because of my ship date being so close.

Needless to say, Larry was QUITE surprised and so was everyone in our family. They were making him sign copies and stuff...he was getting embarrassed. Here are some photos of him opening his copy.

Merry Christmas Baby...

PS. Our kids got lots of things but one of them being a Wii...Woo hoo!!!


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