From Junkie to Spunkie!!!

I have always loved before and after shots and taking old things and making them "new to you".

I have happened upon a couple of new loves lately on the WWW ~ with my two favorites of them being Betterafter and the other one Mod Podge Rocks. Who would have thought all these years I could been taking before and afters of my Modge Podge projects...what a cleaver idea! I'm LOVING all the creativity that's out there and am gleening on new ideas!

My uncle died in October and I've landed a few pieces of extra furniture and primer. Thanks to some inspiration at Mod Podge Rocks I decided to try my hand at redoing the dresser...I think it turned out FABULOUSLY...What do you think!?! It's DEFINATELY from Junkie to Spunkie to me!

From Junkie...

To Spunkie...

Some of you may wish to know: HOW did she do that!?! (LOL) So I'll give you the specs, First, my daughter and I took the handles off and primered the entire chest. Next we painted it a nice white trim color our builder had left over from when he built our house (thank you Mr. Dace :). Once all that was dry, I cut 12X12 scrapbook papers from "Close to My Heart" (LOVE their papers!!!) to 6"x12". Lastly, I put a coat of Glossy Modge Podge by Plaid across 1/2 of the front of the drawer and placed my 6x12 scrapbook paper on it (where I thought it was straight and even :) and then located the hole for the handle to go back into the drawer, stuck a nice round object in the hole so it would pierce the paper and then I did a coat of modge podge across the top of the paper. I continued this all the way through and tried NOT to freak out because it had a million bubbles all through out the paper...don't freak out when this happens, ours went away and it looks great! We were thinking of redoing the handles to be white but when we laid them back on the drawer we loved this look so we kept it.

Happy treasure finding and let me know if you turn anything from Junkie to Spunkie!!!


Thanks so much for the mention! It looks great! Love all the fun colors. :)
Melinda said…
This is GREAT!!!! What an awesome job you guys did!!!! :)

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