The NEW love of my life...

Yesterday was our anniversary (9 years) and I was SO excited to receive EVERY woman's dream...DOROTHY!!!

Who or WHAT is Dorothy you ask? She's the BEST thing since sliced bread...she's my new iRobot Roomba. I was giddy as a school girl when I got home from my craft class at Michael's the Arts and Crafts store to see that my wonderful hubby got her for me.

How do I know it's a 'she' - because she's mine and I say she is!!! LOL

WHAT is she??? She is a robotic vacuum cleaner. My hubby snagged her at Kmart for $75 on clearance. I have now learned there are iRobot's for a variety of things: vacuuming (Roomba), pool cleaning (Verro), floor washing (Scooba), shop sweeping (Dirt Dog) and gutter cleaning (Looj) cool is that!?!

I took her out of the box, popped in the battery that came with her, plugged her in and WAITED for her to charge up. Thankfully this morning she was all GREEN and ready to go...I unplugged her and took her in the living room, took up any cords, dog toys and rugs that would be in her way, I pushed her "CLEAN" button that was all green and ready to go and away she went. She will clean an entire room and automatically shut off in about an hour. And her light goes from green to orange and then blinking when her battery is wearing down. She makes some pretty cool musical sounds too. Supposively she won't go down the stairs and we were lucky enough to get the "fake wall" sensor that keeps her from going past a certain point in a room. She doesn't go in a pattern we are used to but during the time we watched her she thoroughly went all over the place picking up everything in the carpet that she could. I recharged her before church and this afternoon I let her loose in the kitchen...she had a GREAT time going around eating up all the goodies left on the kitchen floor.

She's AWESOME and I'm in love with her!!! I now think EVERY household in America should have one of these...well, at least, EVERY working woman should have one!!!

Meet Dorothy - born 03.06.10 weighing 1 pound 2 ounces

I emptied the dirt chamber twice and don't have an photos of all of that. As embarrassed as I am to share this...check this out - I vacuum about once a week - The bottom of the Roomba recommends that you clean the rollers and stuff every 3 uses, I've used it twice and thought I'd see what I could get off of it - well, urgh - here you go: (This was JUST from the rollers of the Roomba) wonder my family is always complaining of allergy issues...this is just two uses of my Roomba on a floor that is vacuumed weekly - I know you can't see the full depth of it but this pile is about 5" high by 6" in!


Momma Klenke said…
She looks and sounds wonderful!!! So happy for you. Happy Anniversary! Be blessed!

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