My office makeover - FINALLY!!!

Well - it's been a LONG time coming and unfortunately, for some reason I don't have many "BEFORE" office pictures but just know it was a TOTAL mess!!!

We were blessed so much with this project - I had envisioned a desk top space all the way around the main part of the room and a search on Craigslist brought that vision to life when we met a liquidator closing out a Linen & Things store. we got 10 2'x4'x24" wood centered melamine pieces & 2 partially rounded edge pieces for $25...WOO HOO!!! Another search on Craigslist brought us to our "New Space" cabinets - thanks to Bruce we received 15 feet of upper cabinets for $150 -a ceiling fan for $30 the paint was about $30 and that was our complete investment other than containers and things to organize stuff in.

This makeover has taken quite some time since my hubby started it for me and then had surgery in the middle of it...he was restricted on lifting so we finally ended up getting some friends to come and help and it's now done...woo hoo!!! Both of us now have our own sewing area, computer area, desk writing area and I have a very nice scrapbooking area!


I received my uncles book case after he died and wanted it to be in my office but there wasn't room for it so I painted it white and laid it on it's side above my craft cabinet...I LOVE it.

Begin desktop
One side done

After much thought - I decided to cover the center parts of the craft cabinets. I like it much better.
I know it looks a bit cluttered but it's not really!

The cabinets are installed!

Yippee - I LOVE it and am SOOO thankful to God, my hubby & BFF's husband & my brother in law!!!


Ronda Batchelor said…
Thanks for the comment and your office turned out nice. I love having your own work space, especially when it's organized.

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