It's been a YEAR!!!

Well it's DEFINATELY been "SOME" year...and it's not over just yet!!! Along with the blessings we've been getting We've also had an OVER abundance of medical bills (my hysterectomy, Larry's cardiac cath, Larry's Staph infection, Larry's specialist visit for something suspicious on his prostate, Larry's chest xray that found a spot on his lungs followed by a MRI which found 3 spots on his lungs, Larry's upper GI, Larry's sleep study - all which have gotten us to his $5000 out of pocket medical deductible and my surgery was $5000 out of pocket. Larry's getting ready to have ANOTHER sleep study (because he DOES have sleep apnea but they couldn't determine it in time to get the machine on him), another upper GI to make sure the severe acid reflux is healing up, another visit to the specialist concerning his prostate, another MRI to see if the spots on his lungs have gotten larger, and he's going to have a carotoid artery ultrasound) and vehicle repairs (Larry's front end needed $400 worth of repairs, then his transmission went out $2300, then the CO2 censors went out $605 and my front end on my Grand Vitara just had $675 worth of repairs) I'm SOOO thankful we have God in our lives and on our sides...with everything else going on for us...without God I don't know WHERE we'd be!


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