Titanic...100 Years later

My Beautiful One and I had the opportunity to go away for the weekend to a Titanic 100 Year rememberance, a time to honor the men (women & children) who went down with the Titanic.

I had never heard things from the Titanic from a Christian perspective. The sinking of the Titanic can be looked upon as a modern day parable...similar to the "Tower of Babel." The builders of the Titanic wanted to build the "biggest" ship, with the best ammenities it could have. The ship housed a prideful arrogance...its builders and promoters boasted that "Even God couldn't sink it"...though they weren't sure where this saying came from...they prided themselves in it. Maybe God looked upon that as a bit of a "challenge" persea?

If only 1 of the following "what if's" would have taken place...the ship might not have sank, might have been rescued, or might have had less loss of life than it did.

"What if:"

What if...they would have heeded the iceberg warnings?

What if...they would have been going slower than they were?

What if...they had enough lifeboats?

What if...they had not misplaced the binoculars whereas they would have seen the iceberg sooner?

What if...the water hadn't been still? Still waters in that part of the ocean only happen 1 night every 60 years.

What if...they had not reversed the engines?

What if...the ship in the distance had heeded their signals and come to the rescue?

What if...the wireless operator had been willing to receive the final warning message?


I find it SO very interesting that not ONE single one of these things took place...like God was making a statement that HE alone is God...don't test Him.

Thank God that our country was more "rooted" in Christianity back then than our current country is today...men willingly gave up their seats on lifeboats for others and felt in their heart of hearts that "women and children" should be first.

It's so interesting that the Costa Concordia went down this January, 100 years after the Titanic and we could see a complete contrast between the two...the Titanic had men who were gentlemen and were willing to give up their seats & sacrifice their lives for women & children, the Costa Concordia had men who thought it should be "every man for himself." The actions of the captains of the two ships speaks for themselves...one honorable man went down with his ship...one fell into a life boat and "saved" himself.

"Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for another."

"Women & Children First"


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