Friday, June 29, 2012

This Evil World - or Is it???

It doesn't take but a few minutes of watching the news to quickly realize that America is heading into some tough times. There seems to be alot of evil going on. I rejoice in the fact that we are not "of this world"...we're living for the King of Kings and awaiting His return. I went to the book of Habakkuk today and found comfort in knowing that God is still in control of the world despite the apparent triumph of evil. Habakkuk saw a dying world back there in 612 BC...a world that troubled him at that time and though I like to think in my mind that it has be worse now than it was then...maybe it wasn't? I mean they had whoremongering and homosexuality going on back then too...isn't that crazy to think about? Remember Sodom & Gomorrah? It may "seem" as though the wicked triumph but eventually they will be judged, and righteousness will prevail. Judgment may not come quickly, but it WILL come. God is the creator of this world and He is at work in the world and if you are saved by the grace of God through the Lord Jesus Christ and living for Him, He is at work in your life.

When Habakkuk was troubled he brought his concerns directly to God. That should encourage us when we struggle to move from doubt to faith going directly to God with our troubles. We don't have to be afraid to ask questions of God. The problem is NOT with God and His ways, but with our limited understanding of Him. His answers may not be what we expect but God sustains us by revealing himself to us. Trusting Him leads to quite hope not bitter resignation.

God doesn't overlook sin, one day He will rule the whole earth with perfect justice and judgment.

God is the creator, He is all-powerful. He has a plan, and He will carry it out. He will punish sin. He is our strength and our place of safety. (Psalm 91) We can have confidence that He will love us and guard our relationship with Him forever.

Our hope comes from God...

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Amy said...

His return is very soon... I just know it!!