Saturday, October 20, 2012

Some Pinterest

So I was on Pinterest when it very first rolled out on the WWW...I couldn't for the life of me figure out what all the fuss would be about it so I chucked it aside and didn't really give it another thought...until recently that is.

My son's girlfriend was over one night and we were chatting and she was talking "all things Pinterest"...I told her that I just "didn't" get it...what's the deal/big deal with it!?!

She logged in and took me into her account and I got to "See" for myself what the fuss was about...that night I made an account and pinned over a couple hundred was fun!

So if you're like me and trying to figure out...what's the deal with Pinterest let me try to explain it a bit and then tell you some Pinterest things that I'm happy I've found.

Here's the basis behind it in my own opinion: You start a pinterest account and during that process the system automatically has you choose pictures for things that you like...I assume this is for the system to get an idea of what interests you, then you can begin pinning and make "Boards" (online file folders for the pins that you'll be doing) Some of my "Boards" are beaches, cleaning, kitchens, get the idea.
On every picture that you like you can "repin" when you repin you then place that picture in one of your online "boards" aka online file folders. You can also just "like" the picture but I rarely ever do that. :)

Most pins you can click on the picture and then it will automatically take you to the online information for whatever that the Best Grilled Cheese sandwich...once you click on the picture it will most likely take you to the recipe for making that, doing that, how to paint that, etc. The worst pins are the ones that are either a) pinned to the wrong place (a dead link or takes you to something completely different than what you are looking for) or b) just stops at a picture and no more information...I HATE those pins!!!

Some of my favorite most rewarding repins have been some of the cleaning ones - using mayo on kitchen table white water rings...this worked UNBELIEVABLY!!! Using a pillow case for cleaning your ceiling fan blades, soaking cotton balls in bleach then putting them over shower mold spots overnight and the next morning they are gone...Love, LOve, LOVE this and these ideas!!!

You can also follow people and then pin things your friends find, it's fun and semi addicting!!! LOL

Happy Pinning!!!

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Paper Blessings said...

You know that pin of the someecard that says, "That awkward moment when you realize most of your conversations begin with 'so I saw things on Pinterest'." LOL Yeah, me.

If I had to choose just ONE favorite pin right now, difficult to choose, but I have to say it's the one I call blue goo. It's actually a shower cleaner using Dawn and Vinegar and it's the best shower cleaner I've ever used! I've had friends try it and make up a bunch almost immediately after.