Friday, June 28, 2013

A Mission Trip to Costa Rica

What a whirl-wind of a year this has been so very dear friend Noma passed away in January. My dad passed away in April, my husband had a major surgery in May, my cousin committed suicide in June and we just got home from a mission trip to Costa Rica, Central America. WOW - what a crazy start to our year!

I haven't blogged in FOREVER...mainly because I was so busy with taking care of my dad before he died. My son is scheduled to get married in August so that will keep me busy for the remainder of the summer I bet. :)

We were blessed to have many supporters send us to Costa Rica. God knew what He was doing by putting us on that trip...He revealed several things to us that, with His help, we will work on.

It was a great mix of fun and ministry opportunities. The ministry we went to help was completing a house for a pastor whose current house is not built very well and gets bats in it...yikes!

We fed the homeless with 45lbs of rice and 115 hot dogs...nothing was left when we were done.

The last ministry outreach thing we did was have a Children's Ministry in a very poor area. These kids were SO cute! It was fun sharing the love of Jesus with them!

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