There's not going to be a round two of this...

My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer March 27, 2007 and went to be with Jesus on May 27, 2009. My mom never smoked a day in her life and died from second hand cigarette sad.

My hubby seems to have some breathing/hacking coughing issues so they did a chest xray which showed some sort of spot on his lung - thankfully his new doctor is very proactive and decided to do a CT scan of the chest also - they called this morning and there are actually 3 nodules (2 upper left & 1 lower left) all under 5mm (a pencil eraser is 6mm so these are tiny) at this point there is no way to biopsy without cutting him completely open so the protocol is to wait 6 months...the medical field recommends another scan in a year but we're so thankful for our new doctor to be so caring and proactive that they are going to do it at the beginning of December to have us "good news" by Christmas.

I'm telling the devil that we're NOT going to have a round two of all of this...we are NOT going to walk in fear concerning any of this no matter what we've been though or what this looks like in the natural! Get thee behind me have NO authority here in our household! My husband is healthy, healed and fine in Jesus name...We will walk by faith and NOT by sight of 3 tiny God is bigger than whatever is thrown at us!!!


Mamita J said…
Oh Kim...

I am so sorry to hear that. I'm praying for peace in the storm for you and health and encouragement for your husband.

God will walk with you no matter where you go. And He is not surprised by this.

Hugs to you,

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