To My "Anonymous " Friend

I know who you are,
though no one told me it was you,
I have missed you so much...
I've been really feeling blue.

We don't blame you for doing,
What you felt you had to do,
We just have to stand by,
With those that say it's untrue.

I have prayed for all,
may the Lord take our fall,
and turn it around,
But only God knows how.

I'm sorry for you,
and all that you have been through
will we be friends again,
how will we get through?

I've cried all I can cry,
All I want to do is scream,
Lord please take this all away,
it must be some bad dream.

I am sorry my dear friend,
I don't know what to do,
but I want you to know,
that I'll ALWAYS love you!!!

Romans 8:28
God works ALL things together
for good for those who LOVE HIM
and are called according
to HIS purpose!!!


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