Sunday, May 08, 2011

What is in You HAS to Come Out!

It's time for what God has put in you and the desires He's given you to come out. It's time to Step out. the word encorages us and protects us.

When you step out there is going to be a personal fear...When the fear rises up, your flesh is trying to protect itself, when God calls you to a work it does not rely on your ability in the flesh. I was not called to a calling because of how good I am. He is not reliant on how good/moral I am or my gifts, my strength and abilities. When you get this settled in your mind, you get feed up from pride (thinking you are so good) or insecurities. (what I have isn't good enough) (you NEVER deserve what He's called you to)
walk this calling out in the weakness and insecurity. mature past that.

Nehemiah 2:19- the devil will use the doubt and well meaning Christians to destroy God's plan.

2 Cor 10:2-5 God does not rely on me and my strength to fulfill His plan. Bring every thought into the light despite your frailties.

Press on...then an all out attack is coming. Plotting and scheming is going against you right now. He seeks to steal, kill and destroy you.

When God calls you usually it requires time and effort. Sometimes the greatest thing God called you to will be the hardest time.

Nehemiah 4:13 our enemies are no long just bringing doubt he's trying to bring harm and you better know your low spots and station people around you to hold you accountable if you would happen to walk that way. They can keep you grounded and guarded. You weren't designed to be all knowing and all seeing. Pride, adultery, insecurities, greed, etc. Find out on your worst day what your default is. Then don't stand in judgment on that.

Nehemiah 4:14 (underline)
What is in you HAS to come out...we need you!!! Fight for those around you.

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