Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aluminum Foil…in the Dryer??? - UPDATE - IT DOESN"T WORK!

UPDATE - I don't feel this worked for us so I went back to dryer sheets!!!

Just ran out of Bounce Dryer sheets and had 1 load to go. Because I ’m too lazy broke my fibula, it’s hurting and I don’t feel like running to the store at 8:30pm…I took matters into my own hands by scouring the internet to see if I could find an alternative so our clothes wouldn’t be all full of static and such.

Low and behold there was a RAVING write up on using aluminum foil rolled up in a 2-3” tight ball in the place of a dryer sheet.

I was tickled pink since I had a roll of aluminum foil that had unfortunately gone haywire and was driving me crazy cause it would no longer tear off right…ugh.


Double ugh that foil made me so blasted mad when it happened. It seemed I could never get it to straighten back out right either. I didn’t want to throw it away but it has been NO use to me for the better part of a year.

Now I had the PERFECT solution…even if it came off in small pieces…


it would still work in my tight ball so I just started tearing and wadding…


Good news is…it doesn’t have to be pretty, or perfect, or anything like that. And thankfully, the more I unrolled and tore…it FINALLY straightened itself back up..YIPPEE!!!



I stopped at the point when I was able to get my roll back in the order it was suppose to be in…STRAIGHT that is. And was able to make (1) 2 inch ball and (1) 3 inch ball with what I had tore off. This is PERFECT since the reports online say you can use 2 aluminum balls if you have a large load like comforters and things. I’m super excited to see how this works and so looking forward to NOT buying dryer sheets again. I should be able to use the SAME ball for 6 months so the two that I have should last me ALL of next year…WOO HOO!


My laundry just finished and while there was ‘some’ static sounds when I was taking things out of the dryer…it appears to be the same as what I had when I took the laundry out with the Bounce Dryer sheets so to me…I’ll keep using it and will post later if I return to back to my dryer sheets.

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