Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Fractured Fibula...OUCH!!!

On Oct 15 I ran my 8.5 mile training for the half marathon I was going to be doing on Oct 23. When I finished running that day...I could barely walk. My left ankle did something and it swelled and H U R T!!! OUCH!!!

I went to the doctor that week to make sure it wasn't broken or fractured before I ran the half marathon. The doctor sent me for xrays but also let me know that a stress fracture of the fibula doesn't always show up until it's healing and if it got any worse, I should come back in within 2 weeks and have another xray. The xray at that time showed that I did not have a fractured fibula however, the pain and what the ankle has been doing since Oct 15 never really changed. It has been hurting and swelling this whole time.

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I went to a foot and ankle specialist yesterday for my bruised toenails and to have him look at my ankle and tell me what he thought. He couldn't believe I had 6 bruised toenails of which ALL of them should have come off shortly after the run. Needless to say, we've been so busy around here and this was the first days that both the doctor and our schedules lined up. He took xrays of my ankle and it was as he suspected...a fractured fibula. Since we believe it happened on my Oct 15 run...I am 6 weeks into healing so we're not going to do anything at this point except for me to "baby" it as much as possible no real weight on it for 2 more weeks. He said if I would have come in 2 weeks ago, he would have walked me back to the OR to have them break and set my ankle. He was surprised as could be that it is healing in almost perfect alignment and said it's "nothing short of a miracle" for it to be in line like that after being walked on continually for the last 6 weeks.

Needless to say, I ran a half marathon with a fractured fibula...WOW!!!

My pastors wife said it best, "now you have proof...even when we're broken, God carries us"

Thank you God for carrying me!!! You are amazing!!!
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