Some people have ALL the luck...good thing I don't need any...I've got Jesus!!!

Well - my son-in-law has won BIG!!! Not only is he receiving a fourth of the 1.5 million dollars his mom is getting from the AB buy out to Inbev...he also won 3 million dollars on a Missouri scratch off last week...then he won another $100 ...WOW - Some people have ALL the luck!!!

But - I don't need it...if you don't have Jesus, you don't have ANYTHING and he may be headed to hell with his millions if he doesn't get himself right with the good Lord above!

He's already got most of it spent in his head...a couple of houses, a couple of boats, several vacations, new furniture, people crawling out of the woodwork, beer, beer and MORE beer...Lord give him wisdom. Sometimes winning millions could be the WORST thing as after the money is gone, you can be in worse shape...

Well - I guess if he would want to bless his father-in-law with some (NOT likely)...I won't argue with him!!! :-)


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