A Weekend to Remember!!!

Well we started our anniversary off at a Weekend to Remember Marriage conference in Peoria, IL. The owners of my husband's company blessed us with FREE tickets to attend and we were going to go to Branson at the end of March but things came up and we wouldn't be able to make that one. We were originally booked at Pere Marquette in Grafton, IL and I looked at the brochure for the W2R and saw they were going to be at Hotel Pere Marquette...I didn't know those were two different retreats in 2 different cities but talked to Larry and found out the Hotel Pere Marquette was only 3 hours away (which is closer than Branson :-) so I began praying about it and working on us going. God is so good to have worked it out for us as there were only 3 hotels in that area and they were BOOKED with a huge dance competition that was going to go on Saturday night...thankfully, we got one of the last rooms left and it was WONDERFUL!!! We had a wonderful time getting to KNOW each other again, attending classes together, praying together and just spending quality time together. We saw marriages that were on the brink of divorce that were restored and marriages like ours that were struggling with communication issues be renewed. God is so good - they said the sinners prayer on Saturday and many got saved or recommitted their lives to God and as a group we ALL recommitted our vows on Sunday afternoon. It was AWESOME!!! If you know of someone who may be having a difficult time in their marriage or a couple who just needs to be refreshed...I would HIGHLY recommend them attending the Weekend to Remember Conference they will get refreshed and renewed!!!

What a way to celebrate 8 years!!! I love you Larry!!!


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