I've noticed a few things seems if a couple doesn't "HAVE" kids...they tend to NOT want kids around. I can understand this as MOST peoples children aren't well behaved or they don't have good control over their kids. I don't know about you but I'm DEFIANTLY noticing in our society that kids are treated more like a burden than a "Gift" from God. I grew up in the Assembly of God arena and kids went to EVERYTHING...I don't think there was an event at church that didn't involve the kids...this day and age you never know "WHAT" you can take your kids to...there's ages set on teas, game nights, a "no your kids aren't invited" to showers and weddings...gee wiz! The word of God says that children are a gift from God and a blessing...what an unfortunate time to be a kid in our society!!!


Melinda said…
I agree!!! What happened to including Kids?? I have noticed that more and more... sad :(

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