Missed Opportunity...

Have you ever missed it? I mean, when the Lord spoke to you ever so quickly to help someone - have you ever reasoned it away? Unfortunately, I have. The other night we went to the Dollar Tree and I went through the store and got what I needed (only spent $2 + tax...not bad for a Dollar Tree trip :-). I was headed out the door when something else caught my eye...remembering that Easter is in a week...I thought I'd better pick something up for that since I didn't have any kids with me (Larry & Heather were in the car eating DQ...YUM :-) I grabbed the items that I needed and got in line behind a lady with an ADORABLE little girl. The lady loaded her items on the counter and was almost done placing them up there when she asked the cashier what her total was so far...it was something like $12 - the lady continued placing the rest of her items on the counter and the little girl kept asking her for a quarter...the cashier just finished and said that will be $19.52 and the lady told the little girl that she couldn't give her a quarter because she was going to need the quarter to help pay for their things...the Lord started softening my heart when the lady asked how much her total was about 3 minutes earlier and I was considering HOW to politely say that I'd like to bless her and pay for her stuff...I never got the words out...I somehow reasoned it away. I didn't have a quarter for the little girl cause I rarely carry cash, somehow the mom did find another quarter in her purse and gave it to the little girl...right after she told her that daddy was going to not be happy that they spent so much money...OUCH...shame on me! I could have helped them and I froze...why did I reason my way out of it? It has been a while since I have shopped but I used to be pretty good at listening to the leading that I felt about paying for someones meal or purchase...urgh - this family was in more need than most any of the others that we had helped and I missed the opportunity to share the love of the Lord with her...I have repented and I know that I am forgiven but what a bummer!!! I've been praying them...I pray the Lord can make up to them where I missed it or that he will let me run into them again. Pray for me to be a better listener when the Lord wants me to help someone...will you?


Melinda said…
Oh girl... I hear ya! Been there DONE THAT!!!
Katherine said…
I hate those times. I've missed them too and regret it often. But these times help us remember all the times to come.

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