Being a Mom...

I struggle so much with being a mom...when I grew up kids weren't appreciated, they held no value, no one expressed that Children were "gifts" from God as the Bible says they are. I feel for the last 9 years it's been a sort of push and pull kind of thing that I've now submitted to in a kicking and screaming {almost} motherly kind of way.

Each day that goes by, I realize is another day that's past that I will not get back but somehow, I can't seem to break/get out of this continual cycle of just "going through the motions" in being a mother & homeschool mom.

I have friends who are just AWESOME moms and AWESOME homeschool moms and I feel as if I'm falling SO short. I know I'm not the worst mom in the world but I know I'm not the best mom in the world either and I beg God every day to make me better at being a mom.

If you look at'd think we would have a great relationship...but it seems my daughter and I bunt heads almost continually...Lord help me in this venture that you've called me to. Lord, help me realize that you love, value and appreciate children and ultimately as a children are my mission field. Lord change me from the inside out and make me such a better mom than I am.

Staying home has been the hardest thing that I've done...I know I'm not where I NEED to be but I thank God that I'm not where I USED to be!!!

I love my Jesus, I love my husband and I love my children...Lord change me!!!


Chrissy said…
I just posted about something somewhat similar.

I would "follow" you but you don't have that gadget! :o)

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