A Homeschool Rally

There was an urgent call for the homeschool families to come to the steps of the Jefferson City, MO capital on Thursday, May 14. I haven't been to a "rally" before so I prayed about it and felt that Heather and I needed to head to Jeff City...at 10:30am we were on our way. We were so excited to be blessed with a parking spot RIGHT in front of the capital at 12:55...just in time for the 1pm rally. It was the coolest thing to open in prayer on the capital steps. There were over 2000 in attendance. Thanks to Kerry Messer things got straightened out and some positive changes took place for us homeschoolers. They requested that we take a lap around the 3rd floor of the capital...that was fun.

What a blessing and a "surprise" for Heather to run into many of her good friends while she was there...


Melinda said…
Love the shirts!!!! Thank you for going!! I couldn't go... :( But I sure was praying!!! Love ya chick!!!

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