Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting Over Things

Deut. 4:32 ; Deut. 11:23 Getting over things that are greater and mightier than you. The Word and the Holy Spirit will get you through and causes change. 1) the #1 thing for change is the love of God. God's love empowers us to change. Understand the love of God. God loves you through everything possible. Rom 5:6-9 2) Feeding on God's Word. Rom 12:2 there can be true and lasting change. Be transformed by the renewing of the mind (metemorphisis) A) birthing stage - butterfly eggs are delicate and fragile, they can fall away and get crushed. (baby Christians) B) feeding stage - larvae /catepillar they eat, eat, eat (molting process and the skin sheds off 3 or 4 times) (Christans grow, eat and desire the word of God the process doesn't happen by happens by eating on the Word of God)(christians forget God loves them and they TRY to be good, discouragment sets in) the catepillar isn't trying to be a's just eating and wating. 3) resting stage - cocoon /pupa stage is rest and hidden in the cocoon...feeding on the word of God and His beautiful attributes are forming. Col 3:10 Become imitators of God. 4) adult butterfly - becomes so full of God's word. Rest and feed on God and His Word. Once saved we are always in the feeding and resting stage on the Word of God. We then go into the active stage to become fruitful serving the church and God.

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