It’s ALL about LOVE!!!

“What’s” ALL about love you might be asking!?! This walk the Lord has us on, the WHOLE reason we are here. If you have breath today it is because the Lord God has graced you with ANOTHER day to love. To love WHAT you might be asking!?!
To love “Him” the creator of the universe, His creation, His creatures…God has called us to LOVE!!!
Do you love to the extent that God wants you to? Do you cast judgment on others when you are hurt? HOW do you walk in love??? When your kids are grown and not getting along with you – do you cast them aside and reject the gift that God has given you to LOVE? Are you spewing from the pulpit?
We are currently studying Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” – WOW is it an eye-opener. I feel that EVERY church in America should have to do this study and see/realize WHERE they are falling short.
Are you living for God or just giving Him your leftovers??? God wants our best, deserves our best and demands our best. In Malachi they had spotless animals but chose to keep those for themselves and give their less desirable animals to God. Don’t we ALL do that? Give God just enough to get by…it’s NOT what you advertise that counts (the showy package you are in front of people) – it’s what you are REALLY made of that counts.
In our culture, even if a pastor doesn’t actually LOVE people, he can STILL be considered successful as long as he is a gifted speaker, makes his congregation laugh, or prays for “all those poor, suffering people in the world”. If I have ALL faith, so as to remove mountains but have NOT love, I am nothing.
According to God, we are here to love. Not much else really matters. So God assesses our lives based on HOW we love.
Love is patient and kind; it does NOT envy or boast; it is NOT arrogant or rude. It does NOT insist on its own way; it is NOT irritable or resentful; it does NOT rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. {1st Corinthians 13:4-8}
I learned when I sold Home Interiors that you should be able to take your own name and place it in the place of the word “Love” as to say (Kim is patient and kind, I do NOT envy or boast, I am NOT arrogant or rude, I do NOT insist on my own way, I am NOT irritable or resentful, I do not rejoice at wrongdoing but rejoice in the truth.)
I challenge you try this and see where you are measuring up or falling short. Are you walking in love???
{the above underlined are direct writings from the
Crazy Love book by Francis Chan}

*NUGGETS are my own views on things I'm learning, going through or hearing on TV or in front of my pastor or that I just want to share.


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