Windows 7 & Windows Live Writer

I had Vista on my previous laptop and had TONS of issues with it recently. I had SO many programs on it that I was afraid most of them wouldn’t be compatible with Windows 7 so I didn’t want to upgrade it.

My new laptop has Windows 7 and I’m loving it…unfortunately, I was right and many of my scrapbooking, publishing and photo editing software's are NOT compatible with it but I can probably live without some of them…just got to look into getting Photoshop but have Gimp for now.

With Windows 7 is a whole package that Windows offers called Windows Live where you can do mail, photo stuff and this cool program that I’m using right now called Windows Live Writer…I’m loving it. It allows me to add a post to my blog from my desktop and then I just hit publish and viola…it’s there – WOO HOO!!!

Here’s a snipping tool capture of what I see while typing this up.


Here’s a menubar capture from the top.

menu bar


Anonymous said…
get an apple

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