Monday, March 14, 2011

Pray Against Temptation

Don't say or do things out of temptation/frustration or anger.

Conquer those enemies through prayer.

Everything that God tells us to do in his word is for us. So we don't have to live inprisoned to the flesh.

Add power to ur life, don't deduct power.

Know urself, ur weaknesses so u don't fall into temtation. PRAY against it BEFOREHAND.
Be ready, pray that u will NOT b decieved and that you will recognize it immediately when it starts and that u will NOT come into that temptation!

Luke 22:40 pray that u would not at all enter into temptation.
Prayer works and opens the door for God to work in our lives.
Don't be a temptation to somebody else.

James 1:12; Luke 4:1-13

U don't see ur true self when u r in church. We see our true selves when we r at home behind closed doors when things aren't going our way and the pressure is on, when we have been disappointed, when somebody hurts our feelings, when somebody makes us angry, when somebody lets us down. How we handle those situations is when we see our true self.


But with EVERY temptation God ALWAYS provides a way out.

Learn to say if this is what I'm dealing with right now then God knows what I can take and there's a purpose in it that I don't understand but there is a treasure in THIS trial. Pray that God will strengthen u to make it through and to b the man/woman that He wants/created me to be.

Let God change YOU!!!

There are seasons of trials followed by seasons of peace.


Learn to rise above what's going on in the world.

Temptation and trials are linked together alot.


Pray ahead of time to resist temptation when you fall into various trials.

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