Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Praying for Japan

As I'm sure many Christians are doing right now...I've been praying for Japan. I don't watch alot of TV and it's been hard to get a good idea/picture in my mind what has happened. I can in no way know what those people are going through but I do pray that God will sustain them, reveal Himself to them and that some of them might find Him through the midst of ALL of this.

If you'd like to view some unbelievably disheartening before and after photos of the areas effected click here.

Each photo has a "slider" sitting in the middle of it - the photo to your left is a picture of what the area looked like last April, the picture to your right is what the area looks like after the devestation...so sad.
Click to EITHER side of the slider and the photo will change right before your eyes to which ever year of the picture you want to see.

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