Sunday, September 04, 2011

Deny Yourself

John 12:23-26 1st part of the plan is to die to yourself. Self always reverts back to self...we like to be comfortable. Self always leads you away from what God calls you to do. Deny your self John 13:12-17 be a servant because servanthood kills 'self'. John 14:12-14 continue to do the work that Jesus has been doing. Eph 2:8-10 you aren't saved through works but you were created and called to do good works. What did He do? What are we called to do? Reveal the Father (reveal the unseen God) He came to serve To preach the good news of the gospel Division by showing others there is life or death...choose life! Testify to the truth that God is real and who He said He is. Destroy the works of the enemy - by dying to self, serve others and love others. Proclaim freedom for the believers and to give life

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