Sunday, September 18, 2011


Open yourself up to 'recieve' in ways other than your paycheck - pray that God will bring it in in other/multiple sources. Step out IN the provision. Trust God in it and believe God OUTSIDE of the paycheck!!! The word was designed to call us to action!!! You are called to do good works!!! James 1:22-25 Don't just be hearers of the word be doers of the word. How do you do the word, internalize it, and DO it? God has given me a personal word. (Acts 1, "Go and wait for the Holy Spirit," they were together and praying for 40 days - be as 1, love one another, serve 1 another. The Holy Spirit decends upon them, they speak with other tongues then they go out into the streets and preach) Every one of us has been given a word directly, there is a corporate word - how do we function as a church, there is a community word commanding us to go and tell. What kind of word do we get indiviually? Matt 16:24 the first word to be walked out is Lordship. (I'm God, you are not so submit to me) deny yourself, pick up your cross...and follow me. Are you genuanlly walking out Lordship? How do you operate in the body of Christ (in one accord) - servanthood Love one another! In the Community: Each of us has been given a word to go and tell others! Matt 28:16-20 Your subdivision, your town, your family, your workplace, etc. (Is there fruit in my life that makes an impact on those in my circle/world?) When God has given you a word and you don't do it...that is sin.

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