Friday, September 16, 2011

Surviving the Elements

Surviving the Elements (after today we pray you won't go through storms the same way again. ) To survive the elements you need: Food Water Shelter You need these in the natural & the supernatural. Food= God's word - you will die without it. Heb 4:12;John 6:63; isaiah 55:11; John 1:1-2; Matt 24:35; Numbers 23:19 - when you stray away from the word you become an anorexic christian. Matt 4; mark 1; luke 4 - How Jesus stood against the devil Make a scripture list of topics of the things you are fighting against and everyday you pray, speak & believe that word. Matt 12:43-45 The danger of being empty - the devil comes back to tempt you in that area and brings evil back 7 times greater. The only power the enemy has is lies, manipulation and deception. Speak things out and it happens. Rebuke those lies from the devil. Col 2:13-15 Water = the Holy Spirit - illuminates the word - lack of water or the Holy Spirit can cause a dehydrated christian. (lethargic, dizzy, confusion) consistantly drink on God and the Word of God. Psalm 42:1-2 spend time in the river/ with God and emmerse yourself in prayer, praise & worship. Rev 22:1-2, psalm 46:4 John 7:38 Shelter = Is God Almighty - Trust & know God is your shelter Psalm 61:3;Psalm 36:7; Psalm 91 God is bigger than ANYTHING that would try to destroy you. PT. 2 The Cross is the very power of God 1Cor 1:18; Rom 1:16; is the POWER of the cross active in your life? Why is it that so many of us don't have evidence of the cross in our lives? The moment you God got saved you got every promise & word that God has spoken in His word. Why is it the cross of Christ isn't evident or effective in your life? 1 Cor 1:17 we complicate the cross by adding all the extra stuff to it. Why does it not have enough powerin our lives? It's because of legalistic or religious mind set. We think if we fast and pray we can manipulate to get God to do the things YOU want him to do. We have a works menality doing what wethink will make God move in your life. Eph 1:3; 2 Peter 1:3; 2 Cor 9:8 - Lord thank you for an ABUNDANCE for us to do EVERY good work!!! We don't have to beg/manipulate God...we needto declare, decree and claim/ receive ALL that God has for us. It's all FREE with the gift of salvation. John 19:30; Mark 10:45 If you have prayed for something for a long period of time but haven't seen the answer...stop blaiming God. Matt 6:33 Seek FIRST the kingdom of God! Our asking should be to recieve what God has already done for us. Our mindset & prayer lists need to change. Whenever you add to the grace of God you taint it. It's not our's God and his grace. The is no religious work that we could do to ever be good enough Isaiah 64:6; Gal 2:19-21 Don't make what Jesus did on the cross of no effect /power in our lives. There's nothing that we can do. Gal 5:4; 6:14 don't boast about anything except what God has done in your lives. Be real and have the food, water and shelter of God. Good things don't happen to us because of our goodness but it's only by the grace and goodness of God. God doesn't move because YOU are so good but He moves beause HE is so good!!! James 1:17; Rom 3:27; 2 Tim 1:9 We don't take God's grace to live however you want. Rom 6:16; Gal 5:13; Romans 6:1-2; 6:15 You become a slave to whatever you CHOOSE to obey! God is calling us deeper! He's going to break the religious things. Let God change others...just love on them.

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