Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Vacation of Blessings!!!

Last year we had a vacation planned but after the Lord directing us to bless a ministry with those funds…we felt we couldn’t afford to go so we canceled the vacation. This year we had our money all saved up and I began making plans. Low and behold, a week or so before leaving the Lord once again directed us to bless a ministry with those funds and we were heading around that mountain again. We decided to Trust in the Lord, and go on vacation. WOW, we were blessed!!!


I think the most AMAZING animals in the world are dolphins, I have loved them for over 20 years now and think they are BEAUTIFUL creatures. I have wanted so badly to be able to swim with the dolphins. This year…it happened. Some of our friends got together and took up a collection to pay 1/2 of the funds for us to swim with the dolphins…it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I’ve wanted to do it so bad for so long…I almost cried when it was my time. Smile 

We drove on Saturday to 1/2 way and stayed the night in Georgia.


We got up Sunday and drove the remainder of the way to get to our timeshare condo at Orlando’s Sunshine Resort.












We were super impressed and pleased with our timeshare…it’s only the second time that we stayed at one of our properties. Here’s the view from our screened in porch.


On Monday we were blessed with entrance into the Holy Land Experience…WAY COOL!


The Holy Land Experience was wonderful…way too many photos to post but the highlight was the Passion play.



Monday night we decided to hang out and go to the World’s Largest McDonald’s. It’s CRAZY that they serve pasta and stuff.

100_1923 Where we got our hair ‘did’ in the McDonald’s. Smile 100_2083100_2084

Tuesday was an UNBELIEVABLE day when we went to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Discovery Cove was the ultimate of places…for one price you get breakfast, lunch, snacks, snorkels, and to swim with the dolphins.


Tuesday night we went to the Medieval Times Dinner Theatre which was ok – we thought Dixieland in Branson was better.


Wednesday we went to SeaWorld which came FREE with our Discovery Cove tickets.


It was a GREAT day to be at SeaWorld and thanks to a friend we took with us we were able to split up and the girls rode rides while we went to shows…it was GREAT!!!

Wednesday night was most depressing. We had reservations to attend the Sleuth Mystery Dinner Theatre – we found it to be not child appropriate and left after we ate our dinner.

On Thursday we checked out of our condo and went to our neighboring condo at the Fountains…WOW – it’s one of the most beautiful places.


There were 75,000 square feet of pools and it was unbelievable!


We began our drive home on Friday and ended up home about 6:30 Saturday night. It was a GREAT trip and such a blessing!!! Thanks to Hannah for going with us - you were SUCH a blessing and so much fun to have with us! Thank you to our friends for sending us to swim with the dolphins!!! We love you all!!!

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