Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My Dyson Review

It's been a while since I told you of my Dyson purchase. After performing a ton of reviews before I purchased mine...I thought I'd give an honest review to you! I searched HIGH and LOW for the Dyson DC25 Animal. I happened upon scam after scam on Craigslist with a lady who kept trying to get me to go to another site and bid on one at an auction.
Photo courtesy once again thanks to Best Buy. I read many reviews about the "Ball" being hard to manuver and handle. I have not found it to be an issue at all. I actually like the manuverability of it. I have purchased at least 5 vaccuum cleaners in the last 10 of them was even a Rainbow...though it was excellent at cleaning...I hated lugging it around and ended up giving it away within 6 months...that was $1800 out the window. :( The best vaccuum that I had up until this current time was the one that Consumer Reports rated #1 - The Hoover WindTunnel (with a bag). That was such a great vacuum that we bought another one a couple years later. I tend to help with the cleaning of peoples homes when they move...I love the opportunity to help and it's great when there are no people/things in the way to just get down to business. In ALL the times I ever took my Hoover WindTunnel to their homes...they would always ask me afterwards what kind of vacuum that I had cause it did such a marvelous job.
Photo thanks to Google Images. It was difficult to decide on something other than the "Hoover WindTunnel" but I've been watching the Dyson for a couple of years now (after using my aunts back in 2006) and 1 month before I bought the Dyson, my Hoovers on/off switch went out so I could no longer turn it had to be unplugged all time and would freak us all out when we would forget about the switch being broken and plug it in...ugh! So, on to my Dyson DC25 Animal review: Pros *the price I got was a great deal - read my previous post *manuverabilty *weight is not really different than my Hoover *doesn't lose suction *no bags - easy to empty canister (which has a bit of a pro/con feeling with all the dust but I empty it into a throw away grocery bag outside and it's not bad, I also like the chance to pick out anything that was sucked up that shouldn't have been...this has been amazing since I've sucked up coins and stuff) *the long straight handle coming out and being able to "detach" from the flexible hose *the attachments that came with it Cons *the flexible hose could be a bit longer and stronger - it seems a tad flimsy so I'm hoping it doesn't crack or break in the future *not all of the attachments fitting on the machine - Mine came with 3 different attachments, a long/thin crevis tool attachment, a flat attachment and an upholstery attachment. The upholstery attachment doesn't seem to have a "home" anywhere. I have solved this myself by removing the long/thin crevis tool attachment and placing the upholstery attachment in that spot...this works for a majority of the time but does fall out quite often. I had problems with one of my attachments on the Hoover that always fell off so I'm quite used to it. The long/thin crevis tool attachment I use quite often for almost EVERY T H I N G...I don't know WHAT I'll do if it breaks. I have attached it via a loom loop that my daughter had from her pot holder making kit and put it on the handle...this has worked PERFECTLY!!! Here's a photo for you :)
Notice the long/thin crevis tool attachment hanging on the front of my handle and the upholstery attachment tool sitting in the hole where the crevis tool used to reside. I use the crevis tool ALOT so it's easy to get to being right there and it's light enough that it just bee-bops around without any problems. There you have 2 cents in a nutshell...I LOVE my Dyson and am SOOO thankful that I purchased it!!! ***Views are mine solely, Dyson gave me nothing to do this review***

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