Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jesus has ALL Authority

John 11:45-48 if we let Jesus keep going we will lose ourselves. John 12:2-8 he is establishing his authority over our moral values/agenda. God's ways, plans and agenda are higher than your plans, values or moral agenda. He has ALL authority and can do it all how he wants to. John 12:12-13; 12:23-26 Jesus' plan is to die for a reproduction in Jesus. If the seed dies and goes into the ground it produces many. John 13:1-17 the authority of Christ has to be established in you before that He IS Christ. The people that know this is to declare that Jesus is who He says He is. (I was blind but now I see). Declare the obvious. If you are to gain your life you have to lose it. (Deny yourself by serving, being a servant). You have to be a servant to everybody. Everyone is above me...I have to serve them!!! Give of yourself! Serve without expectation! Establish His authority in your life, declare what He's done for you in your life and follow His plan.

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